Uncover The Dark Hidden Motive

It is hard to tell the real intentions of the people whenever they approached us. Sometimes this people are threat in the society and we have no idea that they mean harm. On the other hand, some people who will approached may have good intentions too. In fact, we seldom can gauge people’s behavior and we can’t say that we are aware of the real motives behind those behaviors. It is really hard to distinguished a baddie.

So, whenever someone approached us we are taking to much risk. Since, we are not like a sensor ” Malintent”, that can search for non-verbal cues to know if a person have a bad intentions, then we should just be keen on picking the bad ones out, keep your distance or either ignore them.

Most of the time those people with dark hidden motive or agenda have a needs that were not met properly, this will drive them to act irrational towards you or other people.

Things to Watch Out for People with Dark Hidden Motives:

1. They avoid large groups- They doesn’t want to be acquainted with your friends and/or family. Amazingly simple reason, they don’t want to be recognize in case they initiate there plan. Therefore, they are trying to avoid many people as possible.

2. If you are smart enough you would notice that they avoid eye contact. They can’t look straight in the eyes and are often looking at other direction.

3. Other people with ill- intentions may show that they are very sociable, this is to get your trust. Sometimes you just got to the point where you’re really close, but they are actually anticipating when can they execute their plan.

4.Their body movement doesn’t seem to be relax. It appears to be tensed and/or stressed.

5. They have sweet tongues- This people can convince you right away to put out any of your valuable possessions.