Gentle Touch Benefits

Touch is the first sense that we develop while we are in the womb. Mother and infant shown astounding physical benefits and developed attachment between the two.Touch plays a vital role in our life. It facilitates physical, emotional, and psychological development. We need to touch and be touched, However the need for bonding or physical contact should be appropriately done.

Nowadays, Touch are used by several people in a negative and/or inappropriate ways. Unfortunately, this leads more and more people to become overly cautious and reluctant due to issues of sexual harassment. Know the appropriate way of touching and be selective in how and what to touch because sometimes an innocent touch can be misconstrued as sexual.

The Skin-to skin contact between another person should be done particularly with your significant other, this generally feels good to have another human being skin come into contact with your own. It is believe that a person deprived of touch will crave for warmth affection, they will starve for casual touch making them engaged in casual sex. Most people who wants to be touch turn on professionals like chiropractor, physical therapist and other body workers.

Incorporate and increase amount of contact with our friends, family and your significant others. A simple hug for your family members a pat in the back and squeeze in the hand for your friends and acquaintances. Remember that touching is communicating without words. It is an act of love.

Health Benefits
1. Touch can put you to sleep
2. Studies shown that babies that were stroke, mothered, held were more alert, active and responsive to social simulation.
3. Stress relief.
4. Relieves pain.
5. Increase the ability to cope.
6. Use as treatment for managing pain due to fibromyalgia.
7. Reduces behavioral symptoms such as banging, walking, wandering, restlessness of patient with Dementia like alzheimers diseases.
8. Touch reduce fear, depression and anxiety.
9. Relax us.
10. Arouse us.
11. Premature babies who receive daily massage had 50% weight gain and more efficient metabolism.
12. Ease the pain of osteoarthritis.
13. Boost immunity by increasing immune cells in the body. Touch can be used as a form of healing through Touch therapy.
14. If the touch came from someone you have a strong emotional bond, it can develop a sense of security and love.
15. Touch can reassure us.
16. Reduce the feeling of being lonely.
17. Improves functional ability in elders with degenerative arthritis.
18. Touch affects behaviour and moods.
19. Touch therapy also shown great helps in people with ashtma and uterine fibroids.
20. Lengthened your life.
21. Stroking makes you smarter, In Journal of Neuroscience shows evidence that a person who has been touch completed a math problem in less time with few errors.
22. touch shows a level of a level sexual performance anxiety.
23. Increase intimacy between partners.
24. Touch Research Institute show that touch can help treat women who experience trauma from rape or sexual abuse.