My View About Hijab and Burqa

I’m wary writing about this article. I don’t want to be seen as feminist because inorder to become a feminist one must become an anti-male/misandry, I’m not a sexist and those kinds of discrimination should be eradicated in our society. My primary concern why I wrote this is to echo my idea. Superficial beauty is not important, The only thing that makes a person better than the other is her character. Intellect, faith, and personality is what constitutes a true beauty.

There is a huge debate about the Hijab and Burqa. The feminist and European culture viewed this as oppressive. Muslim feminist writers like Mernissi and Ahmed both talk about the issue of women’s equality in Islam. They viewed that veil is oppressive and an obstacle in their freedom. However, Some believers tied it with spirituality seeing it as an act of obedience to Allah, identity and modesty.

The only possible fascination why they continued to practice wearing this is, they want to preserve their culture, So men are mandating how women should look, dress and behave. It is patriarchy that drives them and not religion that everyone states. God wouldn’t mandate us what to wear.

The feeling of the men “Gheerah” which” is the integral part of their faith. Gheerah an arabic word meaning possessiveness or jealousy is said to be intrinsic in the man who does not like people to look at his wife and daughter. They would safeguard their women from the desire and lust of other men.

In response, they see that wearing Burqa and Hijab can prevent their women to be potrayed as sex object and be lusted after. They also believe that it will solve the problem of sexual harrassment and unwanted sexual advances. But contrary to that belief, we can not say that wearing this clothes will prevent the fitna (evil actions) because the sight is blocked. This seems totally ridiculous, wearing Hijab doesn’t cut off ill thoughts of other people or even by the wearer, still adultery and sin can be done even wearing Hijab like in the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

Muslims know the consequences of their actions. They need to pay the price. Although I condemn the harsh law of stoning or the Shariah Law but I firmly believe they should still be punished in a lighter sentence not in a harsh way. I remember in the case of Mary Magdalene, Jesus save her from being stoned. Jesus said ” He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

I will try to cite one from a numerous example. Try this; forbid a child not to eat a food on the table, watch the kid closely and you will see that the kid will eventually eat it. If you put it in this case, It will show you that wearing Hijab will ignite more men to become more sexual. If they have seen even a small body parts of a woman peep they will get aroused. There are several issues that women from a different country who work in Middle East were molested, abused, raped and their rights were violated.

Moreover, there are assumptions that those who wear hijab are more pure and pious which I reject completely. I do not wear Hijab or Burqa but I would say I live a life of chastity, modesty and purity. I’m also against women wearing indecent clothings. I reject objectification and I do not believe exposing errogenous zones for public to gaze at. I would say radically different from normal or standard mode of dressing are not justifiable. The very fact that self-respect is what the wearer of any clothings needs. However, it is a personal choice and they have the right to choose what they feel like wearing.

I have seen one girl from a different religion, she wears Hijab and started saying she is a feminist. When you say feminist it means they want veiling. so it was kinda funny to see her wearing that. I begin running a joke in my head, If the clothes can run away it will. If you hate objectification why you are against Hijab or Burqa? I couldn’t see the common sense. Frankly it is b*llsh*t that some feminist would say I’m modest and I don’t want women to be seen as object so I would wear Burqa and Hijab. It is frustrating to find out that they will wear it for a day, to show that they are against objectification. but, after the show is over they will wear revealing clothes ( shorty shorts or plunging necklines) and post it publicly. It appears to me that this people are pretentious and just trying to get attention.

Personally, I see that our society is highly sexualize. More and more people reveal flesh in the way they dress. While other people remain covered-up, but for a good reason let me give you a points to ponder, Is wearing Hijab or anything fully covered make you pure or modest, if you return home and take off your Hijab and Burqa and started to think about wordly things? wouldn’t that make you synonymous with a prostitutes or whore? and If you are the one who is not that fully covered would you consider yourself that pure when you would crash around men’s house or meet up with any guys? would that make you both equal? The point here is, underneath any clothing lies the real person.