Aging and Fountain of Youth

Everyone wants to remain in the prime of their life. When wrinkles started to become noticeable they will start to think of what to do to remove those wrinkles and fine lines. They are so scared that they are growing old, sometimes you will see them seek the help of the best cosmetic surgeons to do their assignment and turn them into a swan. However, they will just slow down the process of aging but they can not stop it.

Aging comes naturally and you should not be frightened. It is inevitable and natural aspect of human life. Although, It appears that everyone is interested to return to its youthful state. but, It seems rather foolish to believe that finding the legendary spring or fountain of youth will restore your youthfulness. Eventually you will have wrinkles and your hair will turn into gray, Not to mention you would not want to see yourself looking in the mirror and wanting to have a cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t have to make you completely insane, it is a normal process.

Do not think life is over and just sit or stare at the sun while its going down, reminiscing your childhood memories while watching life passes you by will hinder your growth as a person. Enjoy the fact, that you are growing old physically, emotionally and psychologically. Your life is actually starting. You should start to see aging in a positive manner and at the same time help delay onset of your aging by regular exercise, healthy diet and maintaining a positive thinking. Remember that it is better to age gracefully.

Moreover, there are striking evidence that DNA and aging are connected. A lot of reknown geneticist look into this concerns. But for now, there is no hope that there is a chance that you might be young again. They still need to conduct more research. We hope that they shed more light regarding their findings. If its all possible then a lot of people will be benefitted.

Lastly, It is true that aging will eventually take its toll but the wrinkles on your face tells you of your experiences in life, those lines tells how much you’ve smile, laugh and cried so you do not have to feel ashamed. It doesn’t just show age but it shows your wisdom.