Food Truck Up and Rising

Food trucks can be found commonly in the inner city, parked in private parking lots, commercial areas and street corners. Food trucks are known in United Kingdom as snack vans while Chip trucks in Canada. Food Trucks are not new in countries like Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Philippines. As a matter of fact majority of Swiss,Koreans, Japanese and Filipinos spend dining in food trucks after work or during snack drinking soju, eating hot ramen or any of their traditional dishes. Although, Food trucks is not new in America but it is taking a big leap. You can spot food trucks anywhere in LA, Portland, NYC to Austin.

In 2009, The Food trucks started posting their real-time location and menu updates using Twitter and other networking sites. The Technocrats become so attracted in this street foods due to its accessibility, affordabilty and of course no reservation needed.

Street foods receive tremendous criticism before for serving high content fats and calories, But now its reputation is changing overtime. They are serving nutritious, delectable meals with a variety of meal that you can choose from. They serve dishes from tapas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas filled with shrimp, pork, beef, tofu, chicken or vegetables, tortillas, Korean BBQ, sushi, waffles, cupcakes, eco-friendly, organic burgers, vegan-friendly foodies, and different sweet treats for sweet tooths.

The ever-growing business attracts even the corporate giants like Taco Bell, Duncan Donuts, Baja Fresh to join the league. It’s truly a good experience to try one.