Emotional Safe Sex

We have knowledge about safe sex. Parents, elders and even educators are doing their share to aware us, however my family and my school was not that open in talking about sexuality. Although I know if I approached them they will be willing to discuss it, but I hadn’t thought of it because of shame. Prolly sex is the hardest topic to discuss with anyone especially I’m religious and I haven’t been into this path, so talking about this matter makes me feel uncomfortable and yet I decided to give it a shot. So, if ever you hold the same set of values and morals like yours truly you would know what to look for in a guy someday.

Sex doesn’t just embodies physical thingies it also involves emotion. The emotion that one must go through before deciding to have sex and after having sex is another major concern, that we hardly seen being discussed elsewhere. If you finally decide to be intimate with your partner, which of course requires you to give yourself fully to him. You must first consider looking for this trait and qualities for that special man. You need someone who will make you feel comfortable or knows how to ease your tension. Someone you can be able to talk about your concerns, especially it is your first time. I think first time is the hardest considering we don’t know what to do, oh but well, someone told me it can’t be learned, you will just go along during that situation.

Having sex encompasses shame, embarrassment, feeling scared, nervous and guilt while you are bare-naked in front of your partner. therefore the most important thingie that he should do is to make you feel good about yourself. Moreover, Our mind and body actually works differently and both of them will not agree with each other, so maybe when we are facing in that situation our body might want to continue but our mind might have a sudden change of plan and say “no”. So better decide first, You do not want to regret it later.

Guilty feeling like you are dirty and cheap after making love is not far behind, that is the case, but not all. In order to overcome this guilt I think the guy should assure you that he doesn’t see you as cheap after doing it with him. We all know that feeling guilty is dependent upon our moral code, and if ever we give ourselves it feels like breaking our own moral code.

Furthermore, I believe that Bible clearly forbids all lustful actions and anything acted out of lust is considered sin, including masturbation and all activity outside marriage is wrong. Now its kind of obvious where I stand here, But I think it is not right for me to tell you what is right and what is wrong, sometimes what is right for the other might be wrong for the other.

I’m not setting myself apart, and I do respect those people who have liberal outlook regarding sex. Probably my religion and the belief that my parents imposed in me makes me see things differently. I believe in saving myself for marriage and treating myself as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I think prolly I’ll have problems when I decide to give myself someday.

So the best thing that I can advice you to prevent what I’ve stated earlier, is to get married before giving yourself to your partner, however there are some unavoidable circumstances that might take place, where one might feel guilty eventhough they are married. Case like the girl wants to know if she is not being compared with the ex’s, or she really makes the guy happy and satisfied with the way she showed her love. The common problems stem especially if the woman is inexperience. Another thing is, guilt and fear because they have lost their virginity and they are afraid that the guy might leave them since they have slept with them already.

Finally there is a legal age of consent. It varies from countries. Some countries legal age of consent are 16, while some are 17 and others are 18. Know the rules of the law. Next, Before you decide if you want to have sex, try to ask yourself this questions. Do you have moral, cultural or religious belief, that might hinder you, if yes, why not try get married first. Are you ready physically and emotionally?, Are you really in love with the person? If yes, do you think it is mutual?, Are you just pressured to do it because it is faddish? figuring out when you are ready is not that easy, I hope this questions will help you make better choices in the future. Lastly, if you are going to have sex or you are doing it, be safe as possible. Use protection.