Digital Drugs ‘I Dosing’ Craze

Nowadays, the mere act of listening can be dosing, no need for inhaling, injecting or taking drugs to achieve simulated mood or state. Dosing can be achieved and heightened by simply using advance audio CD’s or any i- Doser application which contains binaural beats, tones and mixed sounds and a pair of a quality stereo headphones. Digital Drugs, brain entertainment or I dosing is a new fad in digital music and it is making wave in United States and around the world. It can be found all over the internet, you can download application for your cellphones or for your PC’s.

Digital drugs is believed to be the best alternative for drugs like Methamphetamine, LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy or legal drug like Adderall or OxyContin and even alcohol. Digital drugs helps release endorphins, enkephalins, endogenous opiates and serotonin. They have similar effect with illegal drugs. They both induce the state of hallucination, lift, euphoria and sedation. They said it is an effective way to elevates mood, relieves pain and stress, and enhance sexual experience.

Digital drugs claim that they used scientific and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves, and it doesn’t have any chemical. Binaural beats are digital drugs back in 1839 discovered by Heinrich W. Dove. It is a two different sounds played in each ear with different frequencies through each set of headphones the brain then will receive a subsonic pulse called binaural beat.

Users may vary effect. Some said, that they have to listen to it over and over to achieved simulation. While, others take effect in their brain right after they listen to binaural beats. They believe that some factors could possibly affect the users dose like damage or poor quality headphones, volume they are playing the dose or they are not in a serene environment.

The effect of the duration varies with the user. It depends upon when the brain activity returns to normal. This digital drug doesn’t need to ingest chemicals but it is really bothering. Although they said that the feeling of getting high is short-lived and users will lose interest quickly but I still believe that people may opt for real drugs due to the effect that they have experience.

Moreover, changing the person’s state of conscious by changing the frequency of their brainwaves causes them to act strange and delirious. You can see teenagers uploading vids in youtube with their personal experience of dosing. The “Gates of Hades” that promise to provide a near death experience, showcase teens were like possessed and breathing heavily in the vids.

furthermore, In my own opinion users can be vulnerable/susceptible to any accidents if their brain doesn’t return to normal and the user attempts to drive or do activity right after they dose themselves. The placebo effect and the woozy feeling will cause them an accident or even death. I have also read in one article based on his personal experience that the volume can cause damage in the eardrums.

Most importantly, Digital drugs are not a solution for users who can’t take their habits from illegal drugs. This is not a substitute for any medication. Drug users need to seek professional help to break their habit. Living up the hype of this new thingie that is very techy and science-ish, Gives the user a full responsibility to be careful in using this digital drug. Children and/or minors should not be allowed to use it. Over indulgent in this thingie can still be considered damaging in the long run.