How Can Birthright Citizenship Be Abused?

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution is interpreted as any person born on airspace or soil of america by virtue of circumstances is automatically considered citizen of the United States. Birthright citizenship led to a myriad problems, It attracts foreigners to go to United States for wrong reasons. If we will look at this issue closely, the tide is clearly turning favorably for the non-citizen to enter the United States illegally.

There are underlying issues and one of the biggest question that we have to consider is, what if both parents are illegal in United states, are they rightful to be rewarded for their illegal behavior? This should be properly address. It is actually heartbreaking and bothering at the same time to imagine pregnant women crossing the border risking their own lives just to obtain the incentives of this amendment or to achieve their American dream.

Moreover, many illegal immigrants who cross the border express purpose of giving birth or making babies. In turn their babies automatically acquired birthright citizenship and are called “anchor babies” with this babies, the illegal immigrant are enable to come into United states which gives them full right to abuse the welfare system by using the emergency room and other hospital facilities.

Furthermore, there are many ways they can abuse this amendment. They are not paying their hospital bills, they do not have health insurance as well, which makes the hospital and taxpayers shoulder all their bills. They were also able to obtain unemployment benefits, public housing, and some were able to collect social security system fraudulently. Sure enough we’ve heard that the child was called anchor-babies literally “anchor” because when they turn 18 years of age they can petition their whole family including the spouses of their siblings and even the children of their siblings. Some mindset of pregnant tourist/ non-citizen uses this as their stepping-stone pretending that they are taking a vacation but with the intention of giving birth to obtain birthright citizenship. Some terrorist were also considered US citizen due to this birthright citizenship.

We have seen the ugly side of Birthright citizenship. The government need better fixes for this problem. In response to the growing numbers of illegal immigrants abusing this amendment, Consensual citizenship would be a better option. It will remove the parents right and access to gain the benefits that they are after. while, giving a right to the child to decide if he or she wants to become a citizen. I hope it will serve as a wake up-call for the government to at least hold hearing for clarification, redefining or eliminating this amendment.