In-Depth Look at Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is drinking excessively any alcoholic beverages with the intention of becoming intoxicated over a short period of time. Binge Drinking is pervasive around the world and is now considered a major public health issue. Many teens or young adult especially men are into consuming a lot than usual although they know the adverse consequences. Early initiation of alcohol have a higher adverse effect in the health of the bingers such as liver disease, delayed auditory, verbal and memory deficit, impairment in impulse control which is common in women, blackouts or the form of amnesia, neuro-cognitive deficits, bladder also might rupture if overfilled and not emptied, cardiac, gastrointestinal, hematologic, immune deficiency, irreversible brain damage, bone fracture, osteoporosis, alcohol related disorder such as alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Binge drinking is also asscociated with crash risk and/or traffic accidents, law breaking ( e.g violent behavior, vandalism, arguments , neglect of obligation ) suicide, victimization, increase vulnerability to coercive sexual activity, risky sexual behavior like unprotected intercourse, unplanned pregnancies, increased risk in HIV , sudden death, alcohol poisoining and/or overdose.

There is no consensus on how many drinks constitute a binge drinking. it varies from countries. For Instance, In Sweden a consumption of half a bottle of spirits or two bottles of wine on the same occassion is considered bingeing. While in Italy, a consumption of eight drinks a day was considered normal. In England bingeing is common, consuming eight units or more for men and six units or more for women and in United States it is a consumption of five or more drinks in a row by men or four or more drinks by women.
The most common reason why teens are bingeing roots from family problem especially if they do not have a harmonious relationship with their parents or siblings. Peer pressure was also seen as the reason, teens usually wants to fit in their peers or groups and lastly personal choice of the bingers. Due of their curiosity they will try bingeing to know how it feels. Some teens wants to increase sexual encounters, while some believe that it can make them feel good or relax. They also believe that it is fun and it can make them look or feel matured. Other teens want to alleviate their stress level but in reverse it creates more stress.

Furthermore, preventing teens from bingeing the Government and media advertising needs to implement a tougher stance in bingeing. An increase in legal drinking age will lessen the bingers. The Government need to make an effort in restricting the numbers of stores that sells alcoholic beverage. Similarly, Retailers should sell booze at a higher price. Establishment like bars, liquor stores and shops who serve teens should pay a double fined for selling it to teens while Law enforcers can help by cracking down teens who are suspected under-age and bingeing. Parents and elders should aware and develop a better understanding to their children, that drinking alcohol have implication on their health.

Moreover, for the booze loving nation, booze drinking should be eradicated. teens should forget a heavy day of intoxication and do better things in their life instead of wasting time, effort, money and health. Educational programs, recreational activities such as sports and arts and community related activities will help teens stay away from bingeing. Religious activities can help as well, We know for a fact that a number of study shows that religious teens are less likely to drink alcohol. Not surprisingly, religiosity helps in lessening the numbers of bingers.

Finally, let us all increase public awareness, and If in case you know someone who is having a problem with alcohol, persuade and help the person to stop and seek professional help of a doctor, counselors or any adult they can trust.