A Message for My Bestie This Friendship Day

I’m actually having a hard time here. I really dunno where to begin. I feel like I have so much to say but words are running through my head and I couldn’t grasp it. I want you to know that wrote this for all the special people I know whom I call “friends” I’m actually a loner and an isolated person. I rarely knew people whom I can considered a friend, we may come across with many people but they will never stay, which means they are not our real friend. They tarnished and they fade. My friends are always here beside me and even if they are far away from me and sometimes we don’t have the time to talk like we want or used too, it doesn’t much matter, for the only thing that matters is that we both have each other as friends. My friends are someone who knows me more than anyone, even the things I do not feel comfortable talking to other people. My bestie and I argue more than hundred of times but at the end of the day we will be smiling and laughing about it. My friends are someone I don’t have to explain but can clearly read my mind and knows what I have to say without me saying it. Someone who will be there to depend me and never leave me. Someone I feel secure. Someone who have gotten me through so much and take my hand when I’m falling and when I’m wrong sometimes will let me know without hurting me. Someone who will lend me his shoulder and will listen to me without judging me. Someone who put my head back up straight when I’m losing my self-esteem. Someone who will keep all my secret until my dying day. I want to say thank you while it’s not too late. I’m lucky to have you..Thanks for being my friend and I want to apologize too for all my shortcomings.

Happy friendship day to my two siblings Bev and Goodrich.