Fetal Abduction: Wrongfulness of Wanting a Child

Fetal abduction is defined as kidnapping of unborn child against the victims will. The pregnant mother needs to comply with early caesarean then eventually the abductors will take the fetus directly from the victims womb. In most cases the mother is usually murdered and sometimes the fetus doesn’t survive either because it is premature.

The person who commit such crime can not have a child of her own or can not get pregnant so they are desperate because of their situation. They will try to befriend with the pregnant women ( victim) and gain their trust but with the intention to kill and extract the baby out of the womb of their victims.

The abductors are usually women, although some of them might ask help from men to be their accessory to the crime.

If the baby survive which happened in some cases the abductors tends to claim the baby as her natural-born child regardless, that the fetus came from a different woman.

The abductors should be held responsible for their action and face lengthy prison sentence. According to medical professional behind the new research, the doer of the crime is in a complete state of mind when they did the crime. Therefore it is not associated with any mental diseases, and they can not used insanity as a defense of the crime they did.

In the past it really gained controversy. This current year, It is good that there is no publicized fetal abduction. However we should remain vigilant and reflect a little when a certain person approached us and wants to befriend. I’m not telling you to become suspicious to all the people you will meet, but for your safety you must be prepared and know the intention of the stranger who tried to befriend with you at the earliest possible time. You never know the potential wrongdoer might just be in the corner watching your every move.