Telephonicophilia Mental Disorder

Have you ever receive unsolicited phone calls from an unknown person, telling you dirty words? If you did, well you are one of the several people who have fallen victims to this people who are suffering from this type of paraphilia called telephonicophilia or telephone scatalogia. If not then, prolly you might learn something from this.

Telephone scatalogia or the telephonicophilia are people making obscene phone calls to achieve sexual pleasure. They receive pleasure whenever they place a call and deliver sexual or foul language to the receiver or the unknown party. This is theorized as a form of exhibitionism and characterized as a paraphilia from medical viewpoint. In legal aspect making this kind of calls are a form of sexual harassment, aural assault, class 1 misdemeanor or stalking.

The best thing to do to be safe is do not entertain callers that you didn’t know esp if they do not appear in your phonebook and if in case you know them or they are your friends better send them to a clinicians, How long will you want them to continue being sick? Remember they need help. It is a mental diorder. Now if in case you accidentally receive an aural assault or telephone scatalogia you better figured out ways to trace the call with the help of the authorities. This people should be put behind bars, and be treated. Some might say that it is cruel and cold but you are actually helping them.