The Big Scandal Exposed

About a day ago, past 3am after my hospital work I turn on the tv and suddenly something so interesting caught my attention, which makes me write it here. I was really wondering why this is so attractive with other people that they would even engage in this dirty act. Well perhaps this were typically done by impulsive or attention-seekers. Well to find out what was going on, I tried to read more about it and what I found out is that the most disturbing example of this is the growing number of teens and even pre-teens engaging in this activity. According to the survey most women are the victim of this more than men. However, In some circumstances male could also become a victim. It could actually happen to politicians, celebrity, athletes, or other well-known figures which are known as “scandal” because of their prominence and it could likely happen to fairly ordinary people, like you. In general, almost everyone can be a victim particularly those who are lacking of intellect and/or common sense.

Now to give you a clear picture of what I’m talking about, I’m referring to a sex video victims that are seeking for justice. The trust and love perhaps affect the victims decision to be convinced to voluntarily agree in recording of the said video, without thinking of what their action might bring. This is not new to us, We know for a fact that there are risk involve in having it recorded. We have read and heard from the news and probably some of you have watch the videos about the sex scandal of celebrities like Pamela Anderson to the politicians like John Edwards. The action taken by both parties involved are clearly wrong and they are assuming that it will not spread or be used against them, but don’t you think it is quite ridiculous since it is tape?This can absolutely ruin their so-called “life” once it is made public. This activity is usually concealed by teens to their parents and/or elders. I’m convince with such a trust that they are giving their partner, temptation to act for their advantage may arise and not for long the evidence of their wrongdoings will eventually resurface because of the self-gain interest of the other party involved.

Since we never know the intensity of what this people can do, even if you know them fully well e.g they are your former lover, fiance, husband/wife. They could still blackmail, threatened that they will publicize the video or bribe you e.g ask for money or privilege in exchange of the video. The victims will then be obliged to comply to any shitty deal due to the thingie that control or hold them. Ironically, just to save their reputation that they also choose to ruin.

furthermore, I can not deny that in this situation I would be impartial I would say both sides are at fault for the reason that the victim allowed herself to be recorded and the other person for recording such improper act. Now, they have to deal with the consequences of their action objectively, that might lead them both to a very very shameful scenario.

To those who are unaware that they have been recorded, well I pity them because it can have a massive impact in their life. However, the case is unavoidable and it wasn’t their choice especially if they are in a relationship during the occurrence of the video. The behavior of the culprit was not that easy to determined and after it was used against the victim will sometimes it will be very difficult to prove the offense, unless they have evidence that will support their claims.

For the social networking sites and other forms of media, I think they need a stricter policy and responsibility in allowing videos to be uploaded or shown especially if it will demean group of people and/or a particular person. I hope that this motion should be adapted and strictly be implemented by sites like youtube and Facebook and the media as a whole.

Now to reduce the chances of becoming a victim, do not allow your partner to record your private moments for whatever purpose it may serve, even if he/she declares that he/she will delete it right after you watch it. That is just to ensure your safety since everything is virtually possible nowadays. If you are a victim the best way to handle this is to report it to proper authorities. Another thing, make sure that you are with the right person or the attempt to give the best for your love will end up to waste and who knows the next big scandal awaits right through your doorstep.