Do You Want to Dine with a Pet?

Normally people dine with family, peers, subordinates and it is rarely that the we can see owner dining with their pets, however this is practice nowadays. let me start by saying that people have different thought about having pets inside the restaurant. In legal aspect dogs or pets are not allowed with the exception of service or guide dogs who needs to be with their owners at all times. Health Department may disagree of the presence of this furry canines too due to health risk.

My stance in this matter is divided although I know that majority of you will agree with me. I do not object having dogs outside the sidewalk or the patios, they are totally fine but having them inside the restaurant would cause many problems unless it is a guide dog for handicaps. It is absolutely not proper to take your pets with you, even if you are too obsessed with them, I think you should just leave them at home. It is inconsiderate and not mindful of other diners if you ask that your pets be allowed inside the restaurant, We need to understand that there are some diners who may be allergic to dogs and they may feel unease or awkward sharing banquette with your pets.

Regrettably in most cases restaurant owners allowed pets inside, even if they have rules or policies that refuse admission of pets. they suddenly change their mind because they want to show their customer that they are accommodating this move actually confuses the picture. I firmly believe that we do not have to be told what is hygienic and what is not, We all know about table manners and etiquette, we also know which places allows pets and which are not. Keep in mind that it is inappropriate to take your pets with you esp in high-end places. It is obviously hard to prevent scenarios that restaurant goers may feel offended. It is impossible to predict our animal behavior, and most of the times we witness animals acting unruly or making a mess and pet owners are so lax about it. Sometimes accidents like dog’s hair may float and land in the foodies of diners or the dog may poo or pee where you might trip. for the most part, this makes the diners feel that it is not a good idea to welcome pets inside the restaurant.

How about you, would you consider dining in a confine place with this furry creatures?