In Search for Mr and Ms. Right

Many single folks find it hard to have a perfect match, the one we can call a “match made in heaven”.. hmmph I guess it will be really hard for you to see the qualities or personalities rolled into one person even if you use a matchmaker. Most of this hopeless singles tried blind dates, “hook-up” at bars, clubs, random parties, or internet dating.

The internet dating is sizing up and this have been the most common place for young and adult to meet their potential pair and/or romantic pair and worse yet there are love thingies that develop in the internet too with an array of love stories that goes with it.

However, they said that the ideal setting to meet eligible bachelors are through singles event. The event which are commonly held by religious organizations, local businesses, sports teams, cultural establishments and or community groups in the area. The event can cover a broader spectrum from ski trips, dinners, holiday parties, art galleries etc.

Nowadays, Singles event are morally accepted to some while it rained with criticism in some aspects like they believe that attendees are “needy folks without nothing to offer”. In the 1970’s singles event have developed a reputation of “ritual of trust and mistrust” wherein they viewed that attendees were in search for casual sex, but in the 1980’s single event developed a positive connotation.

This meet/meat markets increase dramatically. All in all The goal of the attendees is to search for the criteria e.g wealth, attractiveness, education degree or fashion sense that would satisfy them in a partnership. Along with this we can see that moral values of our generation changes too. In fact, sex on the first date happened frequently, so the idea to get to know the person in the deeper sense is not quite possible at all, if we want to ensure the integrity of the singles event, the attendees must be held accountable for their actions and not this thingie “whatever happen happen thing”

It appear to us that people who are engaging in this event are “desperate to walk down the aisle ” or in “need to be in a relationship” but who cares right? It is their life and they have the right to be happy or search for what they think will give them happiness, whether they meet their partner in a park or elsewhere 🙂

But I just want to reiterate before I end this, that In my case I do not have a need for a date or to be in a relationship to make my life complete. I know you might read me wrong and that is one thing I can consider as a drawback but I don’t pay attention worriedly about it. I think the concept of inclusion gives me this idea. I prefer to have tons of things to do to divert my thoughts. In my opinion things like wanting to have a date will not cross your mind if you are busy. I’d always spend my time helping the needy and sick people who truly needs me. Unfortunately, I know “some” singles are using their singlehood to play around and defy marriage but I’m not one of them.

If you are single and living a celibate life like yours truly, You don’t have to search for a partner b/c it will come and find you, just wait for the right one to come. Who says singles can’t be happy! I doubt it, contrary to that opinion I can attest that I’m single and I’m happy. Let us celebrate singlehood instead of sobbing through nonsense.