President Barack Obama Signed The Unemployment Benefits

Washington – After the political arguments, the house of senate passed the bill on Wednesday voted 272-152 which sent the bill to the White House. President Barack Obama on Thursday late afternoon signed the extension of unemployment benefits for two and a half million out-of-work Americans. Obama said “After a partisan minority used procedural tactics to block the authorization of this assistance three separate times over the past weeks, Americans who are fighting to find a good job and support their families will finally get back on their feet during this tough economic times.”

This legislation will benefit those who have already used their standard 26 or more weeks of unemployment. The unemployed whose checks were cut-off since June 2 are qualified for lump-sum payments that are usually delivered directly to their bank accounts or debit cards. States like Pennsylvania and New York will receive their back payments next week.

In situation like this, we can see a beacon of hope in the government, despite the the controversy that surrounds the bill before it was finalized. The Democrats believe that Republicans slow down the process for this legislation
and Blocked unemployment insurance. The Republicans supported the idea that the legislation will benefit jobless Americans, however they opposed the cost and benefits in the Economy. They also insist that government should not borrow the $34 billion needed to pay for it. This arguments still continue to race across the country.

The government should only focus to the relevant issues and necessity of its people. I’m sure that this holistic approach will generate a good impact on Obama’s governance.