What To Do With Nasty Comments

Being a writer I actually love feedback from my readers whether positive or negative because we all need room for improvement. But we know that commenters are reluctant to participate because they want to remain anonymous. The ability to remain anonymous is what really encourages them to say what they want to say. So there are debates that circles around whether or not to implement anonymity. For me, I see that anonymity can sometimes help the site become more productive. However, the downside of this is that commenters abuse that right and they even comment to demean others.

Recently, Buffalo New York Newspaper receive an anonymous comment in response of their article about a local shooting. The comment was full of hate that prompted them to discontinue anonymous user comment beginning this August 2. They will be implementing a new system wherein commenters must register with their name, city of residence and phone number before they can comment. The staffers will then verify the commenters identities.

Sun Chronicle in Attleboro Massachusetts launch last July 7 a new method wherein commenters will have to register using their number, name, address and credit card numbers. The users will be charge with 99 dollars one-time fee. Only 22 users registered on the site. But even if they have a few registered user I guess the quality of exchanging points of view will be more responsible.

I personally can attest that it is really happening, most of the time I receive comments that are rude and inflammatory, they are sometimes using character assassination. I’m glad that wordpress have this comment moderation process wherein authors can modify comments before allowing it to be publish. well if they utter harsh or slanderous words and used character assassination I do not show there comments instead I deleted them completely. Well I think we are all educated because we can read articles or post, If we want an interaction with the author don’t act uncivilized. They will get back to you if you will ask questions in a proper manner or ways. If not they might write some articles that answer your questions, You are one of our inspiration and your thoughts really counts.

Other bloggers who are monetizing their site actually uses it as a technique not to answer you right away inorder that you will come back and view them, so actually you are giving them a favor 🙂 That is a bit tricky yet they’ll get benefitted even if you are debating or arguing with them. Well Im not one of them coz I’m not monetizing my blog atm and I don’t need to use those dirty tricks to have this views. I want people to read what I’m writing because they learn something from them and not because I disrepute other person, group whether theist or non-theist. I want to unite people and not separate them 🙂

To all the folks who always read my blogs but never comment, I also want to know your thoughts on the subject.