Do We Really Need to Resort in Ending Our Lives?

I want to share something that I know wont be much of your interest but this story means a lot to me. I will not tell it in full details but rather I would talk about things I don’t understand. I have a friend who is raise with the different kind of a “belief system” but I seem to wonder what is really with this belief, and what does it take to hurt someone just because of this. Whenever she make mistake or rather mistake in the eyes of this person she will receive an unkind judgment which is really morally damaging… I think adhering to what they think is right whether it is wrong is not just.

This girl is really different from the rest, quite funny actually and some people really laugh at the way she live her life because normally women at her age have experience dating or going out with peers but she seclude herself from those things, I can actually mirror myself to her. We both buy and fully embrace the notions of ‘virginity/purity’ that one must be pure in thinking, actions and being untouched even in the strand of the hair and it will be considered ‘unclean/filthy/ruin’ if one is.

Later on, I was thinking that if that is the case then it makes all people unclean because all of them at one point have a childhood crush, puppy love or they have admiration in some ways. However, this girl just like me proves herself that she can exist without any man in her life but what really makes me sad is that eventhough she tried to live in this so called “isolated life” there is one person that she can never please. That person doesn’t even have the desire to get to know her before judging her.

That person who judge her believes that talking to a married man even in the internet is a sin, so married people can’t have single friends another thing is that a person must not cross your mind when they are in a relationship accdg to her it is cheating and infidelity even if you think of them as a friend or miss them as a friend. I wonder why she see those things as wrong without seeing her own flaws because she is actually doing it. Is it because she thinks too much of herself as higher than the rest or is it because she hate the same thing about herself? whatever the reason I don’t think it is right to judge or criticize people.

If you point your finger at someone, remember there are three more pointing at you. But for all this things given as e.g my friend thought that she never did anything right for that reason. My friend actually take all verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I felt her extreme pain and I felt sorry for her and I know she wants to say goodbye and escape and free herself from this cruel world. She thought that maybe when she is gone those people might miss her and realize how much hurt and pain they’ve cause her. I wonder if there is so much hate in those people’s heart that they can hurt someone like that. You know the worst feeling is when someone you really believe that would be there for you will leave you or hurt you in times of need. One of his friend whom I think is the best person she got at the moment told her “running away is coward.”

but still I need a clear idea, Is it the intense love or her faith in God that makes her carry on and forgive them. I know allowing herself to weep can help ease so much pain. I also know she is thankful to her personal friend whom she spill out her emotion during her lowest point in life. My friend survive another day of pillow drenched in tears, I wonder how many more days she can endure and work herself through those pains or finally one day she will give up.