Sexual Health Hotlines for Teens

We often feel reluctant to talk about sexuality, sexual health or even the normal bodily functions to our parents or teachers because of shame, and we are also afraid to relate it to our peers due to fear that they might break our trust if we confide it to them. Addressing our problems by means of talking to a train peer counsellor without being judge or criticize while remaining to be anonymous will help keep us from engaging in high-risk behaviors (e.g. alcohol, drugs, etc) abuse, unwanted pregnancy/teenage pregnancy or acting out our sexuality.

If we’re not able to relate it to a trusted person we will never know the real answers and solutions. Well many teens wants to explore their body functions, which we know that parents might freak out if they discover. Counselling is needed in hopes to avoid such occurence.

There are various Hotlines (e.g counselling, crisis, runaway, abuse, sexual health etc) that deals with different teen problems. Recently Montana launch a very efficient method wherein teens and young adults can ask questions anonymously by sending text to 66746 using the keyword “ASKMAP” followed by a space and then the question regarding sexual health for free. Volunteers will answer their queries within 30 minutes during working hours Monday through Friday.

“The ASK Montana Access Project is intended to provide easy access to fast and reliable sexual health information,” said Anita Kuennen, executive director at Blue Mountain Clinic.They tested it to get an input from schools like Salish Kootenai College, Hellgate High School and Willard Alternative High School since teens are their top priority, why they put up this kind of service.

If your a teen and you questions regarding anything, The best thing to do is to search within your area for the best hotline that suits your queries, and will keep everything confidential and anonymous.