Facebook Playground for Cheaters

Social networking sites especially facebook plucks criticisism. This centers aroud men and women cheating. A study conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that facebook being the number one site is often used as evidence in divorce cases and being seen as one of the pitfall of relationship. Divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking as evidence during the past five years. Another survey by Divorce-Online.com says facebook is mentioned in about 20 percent of divorce. However facebook spokesman, Andrew Noyes said “The website is not responsible for breaking up marriages.” He also states that it is ludicrous to suggest that facebook leads to divorce and added that those who conducts the survey must also ask about other communication channels like text mesaging, chat sites and email before presenting that kind of idea to the people.

More and more people confuse the meaning of sex and love instead of discovering the root of their problem and solving it. They will go meet up with friends and have few beers and engage in extramarital sex. This outside forces makes them cheat even if one realize that they do not want to do it. Later they’ll justify themselves that they have fallen out of love.

It is incredibly difficult if we will try to weigh it. I hope that this situation will not fall on anyone shoulder. Unfortunately, those things are unavoidable and this is really taking place indicative of the fact, social networking reconnects them with their former lovers and friends and if ever they have crucial situation in their personal relationship they would have a tendency to meet up with their lost love and the chances of infidelity is higher.

Suspicion with your partner will likely make the situation worse. If you are suspecting your partner do not complicate the situation by nagging or questioning instead prove your partner you love him/her and how much you want the relationship to last. You can also seek counselling to know what are the underlying issues to strenghtened your bondage and the most important thing is to keep your relationship stronger by open communication.

If you are the former lover or a new friend, Do not break the trust the other person concern is giving you. If you strongly love the person because your emotion develop through time, I suggest do not give yourself a chance to hurt and be hurt. The idea that you will taint someone’s relationship is frightening. Remember men does not form emotional bondage easily, men are having sex without emotion, same thing with the women in the relationship. They both want to achieve physical pleasure that they are lacking in their relationship so affair will begin to take place.

To my knowledge, this is a reflection of growing immorality. The idea that you will betray someone you care about is really saddening. I know we are not living in a heartless world. I assume that couples have unresolve issues at hand. It is not psyche alone but there are also emotions involve and it was just a reason that they are separated due of social networking. Please do not jeopardize your relationship for a moment of pseudo pleasure.