Teaching Kids 101

Of all the things you have to do, The hardest is to make your little ones to have a passion for studies at an early age. I’ve thought about it thoroughly before I gave you an advice, well I been teaching children with various personality and different age groups. All kids need different approach when you are teaching them. They are different but one thing I can guarantee you, all kids especially two years old and below have a very short span of attention. If you want them to see that learning becomes fun and enjoyable for your little ones.


Here are some tips that you can use :

1. Train them at an early age, You can start it even when they are 6 months old by giving them an action reaction toy, which will enable them to know the cause and effect, you can use nursery rhymes to help enhance their language and communication skill and a lot more toys that can help in developing their knowledge. A lot of people will tell you that teaching your kids at an early age will make their interest die down, this is definitely a wrong view. Children interest will fade once their early training wasn’t good. To make it a fun learning experience never force things of no interest especially if they are not in the mood to study. To spark their interest you can tell your child the  activity prior in doing it, so the kids will look forward for that. e.g  tell the child “We are going to read books and playdough.”

a. Always spice your learning materials with nice and colorful illustrations, Buy books that will make them curious. Reading with you is important, You can simply run your fingers through the letters and sentences and see if his /her eyes are following. Always have a book that will lit his imagination.

b. Never show frustration if the child show lack of interest or if the child can not catch up in the learning process. Always explain and find a simpler means or method that will be easier for your little ones to grasp. You must not help him develop fear in studying.

2. When your little one is at the right age for  schooling, Be sure to take them personally and introduce them to the teachers and acquaint your kids with the new place. Give your little ones some nice ideas ( e.g teachers are as nice as you and she/he will have a lot of friends that she/he can play with during recess time.

3. If your child is having a hard time to adjust in school , Ask the teachers if you can sit in for a few days while your child is adjusting.

4. When your child gets home from school, never ask question unless you feed, change their clothes and give them a few minutes rest. after those things you can start asking how her/his school went. Never interrupt when your child is talking, You need to hear the full details before you tell him/her what to do. If you cut him/her your child will become secretive or will not say outright what took place in his school.

5. Never set high expectations for your children. Most parents problem stem from this. If you expect too much and your child commit mistakes along the way, you will be frustrated and your initial reaction is to get mad. Yelling and showing how frustrated you are will make them hate school and they will feel unloved.

6. Never barter. Don’t tell your child if you get a perfect score or a few mistakes I will give you what you want. They must study based on interest. You can reward them after they show their best foot forward.  This way they will know that every accomplishment have reward. This will motivate them to give their best.

7. If your child’s attention seems to be divided and the other things that divides the attention affects his studies, You should gradually cut it off. You can talk about it nicely. Tell your child what you’ve notice and give him/her warnings. Tell them if they wont make it good in school, you will be force to ground them. The most common things that will affect them are ( internet, playing or extra curricular activities)

8. Always give your children time for everything. Okie a day without play is dull for them. It is the most important thing for them, well we have ours too, so you know how it feels to suppress your joy and interest. You must allow your children to play. Remember you are once a kid too.

9. Let your child be responsible. When she/he gets home she needs to change clothes, eat , rest a bit then start to tell you his school progress and do his homework. Please be there to supervise your children in making their homework. If there are things that they can not understand explain it to them.

10. Praise your kids when they did well. but never make them feel over-confident because they will turn to become a bully.