Water Therapy

Water Therapy also know as Indian or Chinese Therapy according to alternative medicine advocates, water therapy flush out the toxins in our body.

Procedure of Water Therapy

When you get up from the morning without even brushing your teeth you should drink 1.5 liters of water. If it is impossible for you to do it, You can start drinking 4 glasses of water , then after a few minutes follow it up with 2 more glasses. No food intake within one hour before and after drinking. No alcohol or stimulating drinks like cola on the previous night. Use clean water. However, do not try this unless you consult your physician.

Benefits of water Therapy

Water therapy is beneficial to our health, it helps rejuvenate and detoxify our body, maintain our body temperature, helps in expelling waste products, Helps to control anemia, chronic fatigue, rheumatism, general paralysis, obesity, arthritis, sinusitis, high or low blood pressure, giddiness, leukemia, asthma, depression, eczema, bronchitis, cough, meningitis, kidney stones, cough, hyper acidity, dysentery, uterus cancer, gastroenteritis,rectal piodapse, eye disease, ophthalmic hemorrhage, irregular menstruation,urogenital disease, headache and many other diseases.

Side Effects of Water Therapy

Our body has limited amount of water intake over consumption of water is dangerous. It can lead to hyper-hydration or  water poisoning.