CAT-POO Coffee: love it or hate it?

I been a coffee enthusiast and it took me two years before I get out of it because it feels like it’s becoming an obssession. Apparently I have to cut down my coffee and I watch my caffeine intake. I can’t totally leave it because a cup of coffee help me stay awake and give me energy, especially If I have a rough day.

I prefer the fresh home-brewed coffee. I like the strong taste of the black coffee although some says that milk or creamer will improve its taste. But whatever it is I’m a fan of a cup of coffee. I like the aroma of it…… ahhh it feels like the best day when I have a sip.

I run along a few friends in the hospital who are coffee lovers or coffee person too, They said that coffee really makes their day. They invite me to try a different kind of coffee. Well, before I tried anything new I have to know what makes it special compare with my cup of coffee.

They told me that this is the most expensive brew. Actually I’ve heard of it and I can’t take to have a sip of that coffee. This is what the connoisseurs are crazy about right now. I’m referring to the coffee known as Civet cat coffee, or otherwise known as “cat-poo coffee” or “Kopi luwak.” Thinking how it was done makes me feel a bit nauseated already.

Kopi luwak is actually picked up from the shit of a palm civet or civet cat, They are washed and kept for a few days, Then dried and pound to take the husk off after that they roasted the coffee cherries or fruits. It is believed to be, that this creatures only pick only the finest and ripest fruit in the plantation so that makes Kopi luwak taste better and makes it more costly. A lot of us really enjoyed gourmet coffee, but there are also good coffee at a reasonable price.

Coffee lover who indulge in cat-poo coffee described the taste as mild, smooth, rich and chocolatey in flavour, while some described that it leaves a lingering aftertaste. They’ve test it and it is safe, but it is still fresh in our mind that four years ago , chinese health officials suspected civet cats as carrier of SARS. Anyway it is still worth a try. However I still prefer a decent cup of coffee…

Definitely Cat-poo coffee is not my cup of coffee 😉