Bare Hands and Improvised Weapon as Deadly Self-Defense

First I want to emphasize that I’m not liable for any unlawful use of what I will share here, The use of the following information assumes the full responsibility of my readers.

Now before putting any of this into practice please research first of the law in your areas, of course you wouldn’t want to be charge with assault or assault with deadly weapon. Anyway I’ll be giving you some pointers that you wouldn’t use lethal weapon instead we will use improvise weapon and make them lethal. I want your attacker to feel that they are so stupid for picking the wrong person.

I remember my Brazilian master once told me, It is a different thing when you are face to face with the real danger or a life and death struggle. Your ultimate goal would be to stop your attacker using dirtiest tactics possible. In this kind of situation you don’t need proper training of martial art.

During the real dangers we hardly see people carry the things they use in their martial art training or other things like pepper sprays, lasers or stun gun which are known as non lethal weapons. The usage of non-lethal weapons are encouraged while its counterparts are discourage due to its capabilities of creating serious damage and/or could take someone else life.

I think you can take down your attacker even if you’re using your “bare hands.”  by spotting the lethal target areas but I guess, some of you wouldn’t pick it up easily, so we’ll just use improvise weapons.

To start with, all of us have teeth— it is easy to bite, you can bite your attacker anywhere you can reach, especially if you are in close encounter but as much as possible don’t give your attacker a chance to get near you. It will give him/her advantage especially if you are weak.

Punch or elbow strike your attackers with all parts of the body or anywhere your hands could possibly land but it is better if you will concentrate in areas like front of the throat, side of the neck, kidney and under the nose if you give your attacker a slight blow it could make him feel the severe pain but if you give a forceful blow it could cause him permanent damage or death.

You can gouge their eyes , then punch them after. Their vision would be blurred this will give you an opportunity to escape.

You can kick your attacker in the groin that will cause him/her a testicular injury. Kick him in the kidney which will cause him death or paralysis or you can kick the “bread basket ” or the “solar plexus” a strike in this area can cause punctures in the lungs, shock to the internal organs, breakage in the zyphoid process or it could lead to death. You can also kick the lower pelvic area that can be found just below the belly button, a solid kick can give your attacker a permanent damage in the internal organ.

You can also use improvise weapons like pen, umbrella, newspaper folded lengthwise that would make it appear as a stick this is the best stabbing tool. any object made of glass, clothing like belt which will be your weapon to maintain distance from your attacker and in case your attacker gets near you , you can use the buckle of your belt to give him a blow or you can choke your attacker. Steel toed boots is good in kicking your attacker’s vital targets while  liquids especially hot can divert their attention when you spill it all over their body.

Unchoreograph situation might happened, so whenever you sense danger always have presence of mind. it is better to prepare and condition your mind that you will fight rather than get killed in the hands of this criminals.