Caught In Sexual Line of Fire

During wartime rape is widespread. It is a military strategy to humiliate their enemies by undermining their morale. This strategy of psychological warfare made  a lot of women suffered in the hands of the soldiers, combatants or other civilians. The actual scale of rape victims remain anonymous, only a rough estimate can be given because victims found it enormously hard to come forward and reveal what happened to them because of fear of ostracism, shame and ridicule.

War rape victims stories actually were never been told, They experience so much devastation, wherein an assembly line of soldiers are waiting for their turn to put out their misery by having sex inside the brothels until their victims have torn genitals. This soldiers satisfied themselves before combat. War rape occur in a variety of situations, including sexual slavery, war rapes associated with specific battles or massacres, and individual or isolated acts of sexual violence. War rape may also include gang rape and or mass rape and rape with objects wherein they ripped open the vagina of their poor victims so that they can rape them easily. Penetration with blunt or sharp objects (e.g sticks, guns machetes, pitchforks, beer bottles or broom) or burning of a woman’s vagina for fun. while other women experience to be raped while their vagina had been shot. I wonder if guilt crosses this soldier’s mind. Haven’t they ever thought if this unbearable pain happened to their female love ones?

Victims of conflicts may suffer deadly injuries due to the rape, especially if they are very young  or very old, when they are gang raped, raped with great violence, or have objects inserted into their vagina. Many survivors suffer permanent damage to their genitals and suffer from fistulas, ruptures of the urinary-genital tract resulting to chronic incontinence, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Nowadays this barbaric acts of sexual violence continue on widespread basis, especially on conflict zones. however, International human rights law protects war rape victims and other forms of sexual abuse. When crimes of sexual violence are committed as part of armed conflict, they can be prosecuted as war crimes. Under the Geneva Convention war rape is considered as crimes against humanity and war crimes.

I want to give emphasis that prostitutes and victims of wars are different, if you are a prostitute during those times don’t ever wonder what this darn soldier can do. Don’t expect them to be gentle, they know that this women are bartering sex for food and that their service is paid. I honestly do not pity or sympathizes this prostitutes during war times, what I pity are those women who are a victim of war rape, who don’t want to give sexual services. I think a women who is decent would wish to die from the enemy line and/or starve rather than work as a whore.

I’m not saying that this sluts get what they deserve, But I guess it wouldn’t happened if they are not there to work as sex slaves. To the soldiers we value with honor and pride, who might have died on the battle or still alive. I think there are more humane things to do, It is better if they become compassionate by giving this people food that they need rather than using this vulnerable women to sexually exploit them.

We pictured our soldiers with nobility and honor and we commemorate them for giving up their life for our country. But we never know that there are always two side of the story. That there are some protectors that is a complete opposite of what we know. This is my first step, letting you know.