Children’s Sweat and Blood

For a few moment, haven’t you sit down and question yourself, what can I do to help? It comes to my mind every time. The  awful truth is when I wanted to rearrange things but I have absolutely no direct control over it. I decided to write, this is the first step I take because I wanted to increase the chance of being heard. So that I can echo the voices of this little children and you can join me in my endeavors.

It’s saddening that parents are allowing their children as young as 3 years old to work out of desperation and poverty to survive. Their helpless situation brings this vast majority of children to work just to earn a small amount of money. In its terrible pain and horror this little children’s frail body is their capital. They engage in very tedious, strenuous and dangerous jobs wherein they are treated like animals, tortured, beaten and bathed under the sun.

I wonder how those tiny bodies withstood all the hardship just to have a little amount of money to spend for food, so that they can fill their empty stomach. I think that Government of this countries are partly to be blamed. It is pretty uncomfortable to think that their government officials are living a luxurious life while their people are living hand to mouth.

It is severely happening in poor countries. UNICEF estimated that 158 million of children ages 5-14 in child labour worldwide excluding child domestic labor. Unfortunately, this serious damage brings fortune to the manufacturer and /or companies they are working on.

International Labour Organization’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) was created in 1992 whose goal is to eliminate worldwide problem in child labor. Their partners expanded over the years this includes international and government agencies, private business, community based organizations, media, religious groups, parliamentarians, NGO’s. I know this is a long process but I know it will lead somewhere. We may say we constantly cry for them at the side but this children don’t need sympathy, they need to be raise from this hell.