Calling religious people and their God delusional is so harsh but critics use it as their strategy to put down this religious people. If they are intelligent as they claim, why are they not using their common sense before they cast stones, It seems that this folks doesn’t know that religion stands outside the evidentiary evaluation meaning, It can neither be verifiable or falsifiable. Therefore, Arguing with Atheist seems pointless and irrelevant since they hold false belief. Atheist, non-believers and /or freethinkers minds were poisoned by the book of Richard Dawkins, They wipe out everything, that damage this poor followers. Although their approach really works because they were able to gathered people to follow them. In contrast, the followers of atheism were not just given sufficient knowledge about their faith, that is the mere reason why they turn away from it. If they claim that atheism is based on science and facts why can’t they recognize the bible which is based on facts? quite contradicting isn’t it? the Bible tells all things that are not known to us long before Science understood its function.

In support of this view, There are several proofs and scientific evidence in the Bible e.g the bible tells us to become cautious in consuming fats (Leviticus 7:23). Just decades ago the medical communities and researchers find out that it can clog arteries and can cause heart disease. It tells us that earth is a sphere in shape during the time when many people thought that earth was flat ( Isaiah 40:22). The Bible also tells us that each star is unique and it varies in sizes and intensity, before the telescope was even invented. Moreover, It also tells us that Air has weight (Job 28:25). when it was once thought that air was weightless. In addition, the Bible also tells us that earth floats in space (Job 26:7), It also tells us that there are mountains on the bottom of the ocean floor (Jonah 2:5-6) scientist discovered it, but the Bible first declared it that there are towering mountains and deep trenches in the depths of the sea. Actually there are mountains of evidence that you can find in the Bible but it is hard for Atheist to accept because of what Dawkins feed them. Don’t be a fool by following Dawkins, and those who wants to be benefitted by this. They can acquire financial gain here, for instance those writers need to have mass followers to patronize their books, well I have nothing against it, what I’m against is, they are luring people to turn away from God so that they will be benefitted. how insane! We need to use our brain which is put above. Do self-inquiry, try to ask yourself rather than allowing yourself to believe without questioning its veracity. Don’t just accept anything that bubbled-up. In questioning yourself it can lead you to a door of true knowledge , because it is no longer sane to see that you are acting like programmed robots.

You need to acknowledge the word of God, which can be found in the Bible. They mold you  to become a better person that you are now, don’t be hypocrite to turn away just because of some human interest.