A Life in The Wheelchair

I have seen a little girl full of vitality, although I can see that she is having a hard time sitting in her wheelchair. As she stares at me, I notice the whites on her eyes turns to grey. She ask often what her mom told her, before she took out her replied. It seems that she can’t hear very well. Her mom appears too caring and keeps on wiping her perspiration. While I was watching them, thoughts ran silently through my head, how can this little girl never complain of her situation?

It seems that she is used sitting on her wheelchair for hours, I asked her mom what is her disease because it is normal to see people on wheelchair, but her case is different. Unlike other kids with disability she couldn’t barely make her wheelchair move, she is dependent of her mother, Her mom told me she is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or Known as Brittle Bone Disease. Their joints are lax and it may increase liability for bruising and might be fracture too once they were handle improperly, Most of you will ask how can one acquire this, well it is a genetic disorder resulting from abnormalities of genes that control the production of a protein called collagen, which is the main protein  essential for strength. It has nothing to do with calcium.

Her mom added that her daughter grew up knowing she was different. Other kids would teased her and called her names but her daughter never feel like she is left out in the mainstream of life. In fact this little girl have satisfaction, because her joys are shallow.

I’m extremely move with her courage to live, and I’m inspired with her motivations in life. The wheelchair is her disabled feet and her mother is the one who makes everything possible for her to grasp what is out of reach. She maybe imprisoned in that wheelchair but her thoughts and imagination can run free. This people are not looking for special treatment they are just asking to be treated fairly regardless of race, religion, and disability without being segregated  in our community.

Remember that God isn’t cruel and cold for letting this innocent one suffer in extreme cases, He just want to see how faithful we are to him. Her mom also told me that their life change when they started turning to God for guidance and help. If you hear the voices and opinion of this people, you can say that they are even stronger than you, who have legs to walk and can do much in life. Seeing them reminded me of the beauty of life and make me realize how blest we are.