Stripper at Gentleman’s Club

The stripdom is ever-growing business attracting more and more women to get into this kind of job that pays real money, making women feel that this is the best career option. So, I personally done an extensive research before writing this article, I do not want to sound judgmental regarding this topic but this really attract my attention and gets my nerve to voice out my opinion. The main thing that I couldn’t understand is why would this women exposed their private parts while engaging in a misdemeanor act, waiting for men to slide their dollar bills in their underpants.

In case you’ve ask this women majority of them will tell you that they get into this kind of job because of monetary gain and they have no choice, which is not a valid reason, They can actually acquire money with a decent job, the mere reason that they are doing this is that they want an easy money and easy job. This job only requires them a thick face as their capital so that they can undress in front of this greedy guys to be fantasize and everything will turn into their advantage because they’ll get paid.

Come to think of it, can this women avoid exploitation, rape, murder, abuse, assault, when they know for a fact that men finds them as object, and this strippers know it, and like it at the first place? That is completely insane, because when you work in this kind of jobs you allow other people to exploit you. Think what kind of woman would undress herself dancing into those poles or doing a lap dance in a roomful of greedy men so that they can receive dirty money. You show them that you don’t even value your morals, how can they respect you? You actually make them see, that there is no difference between a stripper, porn star and prostitutes, adoring yourselves and selling your body in exchange for money. Reasoning will never justify your work. Plus thinking undressing your clothes to those people to like you seems nothing but a cheap shot. If you can’t handle to deal shame and being look down upon avoid this things.

Anyway this women are overconfident of their sexuality, they thought of themselves as pretty but most of them when you see in broad day light without make-up, well hmmmph…. I dunno if you can take what you take the other time, well partially you can blame it with alcohol that you take plus the dance and the lighting effect.

This women can’t avoid being scorn, ridicule or be frowned upon by critics. They have to accept it, It is their choice. They decide to become an outcast and they know that society will despise them except of course by their patron in the gentleman’s club who are sometimes viewed as worthless in the society, because when this individuals get into this strip club they suddenly turn into Adonis or some kind of masculine persona. So it doesn’t matter if they throw away money because nobody likes them anyway.

I will never visit such kind of environment even if I’m a guy. Knowing this place is where all kinds of diseases dwell, how can I be so sure that I will not acquire any diseases from this stripper,  if I get inside this dirty place? This women can never swore that they never go out with their patrons and won’t do sex for money, such a dirty job, isn’t it? I wouldn’t be like those crazy men giving away my hard-earned money to a woman who will just dance or do me extra favor, I’ll just search outside perhaps date a decent woman at least I’m safe in case we did something. I will never sacrifice myself because once you acquire AIDS or HIV you will never be cured and it is for a lifetime, so those silly fools who really happened to have little brain or no brain at all would really love to enter and spend their night giving away their cash, okie its your choice just allow yourself to be treated stupid folks! but, Still my findings here are simple and obvious that it doesn’t make any sense working in this kind of job.