Plotting Revenge:Wrongs Wont Make It Right

We sobbed with hatred when we suffer injustice in the hand of other people. In this circumstances, certain thoughts might fuel our mind making us seek revenge to those people that we perceive as wrongdoer, by inflicting them equal or greater pain and retribution that they originally done to us. Although by instinct we know that plotting revenge or doing altruistic punishment is a wrong course of action and this initial move could lead to a detrimental result since it is done outside the boundaries of ethical or judicial conducts.

Yet there were times that those people who hurt us refresh our memory whenever the same incident occurs. This partly explain why their will be some outburst of rage. In spite of doubts that was troubling us whether to pursue or not such an action, I suggest that we should forget about that idea, and move on. If you seek revenge there will be no way to obtain justice. But If you rise above this feeling of plotting revenge you will free yourself and amazing things will turn around, giving you a strange feeling of freedom and joy.

But if you are one of the rest who feel that they want to hold grudge and revenge for a lifetime, think of the consequences that you will face when you follow your urge, remember that revenge comes with a price, don’t be imprisoned with hate and be stuck with the fetter of vengeance. Hate is the ingredient in rivalries, grudges and even wars. It is not a wise choice to take punitive measures. Two wrongs won’t make it right, we can not justify what is wrong by another wrong actions, Nothing can be achieved or solved by executing a retaliation towards our attackers.

I have my own personal experience regarding this subject, My trust like everyone has been broken and abused, We are all vulnerable and it is natural that we thought about revenge when someone wrong us. but I found it useless to strike off or crack the whip, because it will just consume me every time and will simply exacerbate the situation. Everyday you must be awakened and inspire other people not to do it especially those who thinks that plotting revenge is the best option. Give them also a time and a moment to heal so that they will make up their mind. Silly thoughts might have wired their minds at the moment but at the end they would decide for what is good and seal off their emotional pain.