Burden of Beauty

Just a short while back , I wrote about lookism and how it affect lives, and now I would like to share just a couple of my thoughts regarding beauty as a burden. It is not new to us that we often hear people say, “Damn she is beautiful’ or “Damn she look so hot and pretty,” but why is it necessary to think that one must be beautiful? Our parents were more than happy when they brought us into this world, it seems to them that we are the most beautiful person, that is of course for our parents eyes. But as we grow up, we see things differently because our society feeds us a different belief with what is the concept of beauty. I’m intrigue to talk about this and its downside.

I guess beauty doesn’t need any further definition. Generally beauty is what gives us deep satisfaction or pleases our senses. It is also the perception that goes down to psychology and physiology.The concepts of beauty varies from culture, it can range from white, pale or even sun-burnt skin, thin, slim or a bombshell. Without make-up or with make-up on.

Beauty plays a large part in our society. If there has been one upside on being beautiful, haven’t you thought about if there is any implication being one? Beauty is not absolute, it fades as time goes by, no one remains young, everyone will age. Women start to capitalize on their self because they know that they are beautiful and they are afraid to lose it, Several women who plagues the catwalk, silverscreens, beauty pageants and magazines embrace alternative method because they desperately strive to adapt the concept of beauty, and be accepted in the society. They do not know that this can possibly ruin them.

Turning to alternative methods like dieting excessively or have plastic and cosmetic surgery (i.e boob job, nose job, liposuction, facelift) done, makes them become obsess with it, that eventually leads them to a non-stop procedure because they feel they are insufficient. They will push their boundaries because of too much expectations, We don’t know just how far this reality is taking them, always dreaming in achieving to become beautiful will just stunt their growth. Secondly, the effects of beauty is that they are being treated as an object by men. Society also indirectly teaches them to become uncontented of themselves making them also see their counterparts as ugly or unpleasant.

Having said all this, Fighting for social acceptance and approval causes too much stress physically and emotionally. I believe people have different taste not because one is appealing or beautiful from the outside but because of the positive qualities behind those shells. The underlying logic here is, if you accept who you are without a doubt you can free yourself from the imperfections that you are seeing yourself. The pursuit of beauty must not be from the outside, but in the inside. I believe attitude towards life, personality is what will pull us through.