Aphrodisiac Heighten Sex Drive

People use all means so that their way of showing love for each other will not die down. Everywhere there are many people who start to envision that aphrodisiac is an effective way to keep their relationship working. Aphrodisiac is a term coined after Aphrodite, The Greek goddess of sensuality and love.  Now, to understand aphrodisiac more clearly, People who wants to achieve pleasure lean on this belief, because almost all of them experience a decrease in sexual desire at one point or another due to illness, disability, low self-esteem, obesity, medications, stress, malnutrition, recreational drugs, fatigue, past sexual experiences, and/or loss of interest in a partner, therefore they have to make sure that they can fulfill their function as a sexual partner by making sex more attainable and/or pleasurable.

Numerous ideas spawn making people believe that it can be found in certain foods, drinks or drugs. In fact, people belief stems not from the chemical compound of this aphrodisiac but mostly through the appearance or shape i.e many fruits and veggies were considered aphrodisiac due to its shape resembling genitalia. Foods like asparagus, carrots, bananas, and parsnips have phallic features and are said to have aphrodisiac effects because of their shape. Some aphrodisiac are believed to increase sexual drive due to its origin that displays or shows aggressiveness in behavior i.e tiger penis.

In Central America the sap of the red banana and cocoa is considered aphrodisiac. Cocoa which is made to chocos and drinks, Is a symbol of romance. Aztec and Mayans paid prostitutes in cocoa beans, while the nobles always drink or ate it before going to bed with a woman. Chocolates nowadays has been widely debated because of the chemical phenylethylamine, There are some evidence that support the theory that phenethylamine release in the brain is responsible in sexual attraction and arousal. Apparently, The chemical degrades quickly by the enzyme called MAO, so this chemical is unlikely to reach the brain in full concentration when taken orally.

You might be surprise with what you will find out, fruits like figs are considered the sexiest fruits because it is shaped like female sex organs. They believe that when a man open a fig and eat it in front of a female lover it can be considered a powerful erotic act. Others like Beetroot, Spinach, hemi-porous ragweed and salty water sometimes are used for sexual stimulation. Mamey sapote, tomatoes,truffles, strawberries, celery, ginkgobiloba, lettuce, Mamajuana known as Dominican Republic alcoholic sex drink, ginseng, oyster are also foods that can be considered as aphrodisiac.

Moreover, there are known substances that increase sexual desire such as testosterone supplements that will increase libido, especially for the individuals whose sex drive where reduce (e.g menopausal women or men over 60 years old) although when tested by other groups it didn’t fared well. Yohimbine is the main alkaloid of Yohimbe, referred to as a “weak MAO inhibitor” . Yohimbine is approve in the US, but it’s pharmaceutical preparations does not indicate that the drug is for treating impotence. It helps by increasing genital blood flow and both sexual sensitivity and excitation in some people. There are known side effects like rapid pulse, sweating, and anxiety reactions for people who are susceptible.

Bremelanotide, formerly known as PT-141, is undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of sexual arousal disorder and erectile dysfunction. It’s causative effects will benefit both men and women. Preliminary results have proven the efficacy of this drug, however development was briefly suspended because of its side effect which increase blood pressure, but in year 2009 Palatin, the company developing the drug, announced positive results (none of the previous heightened blood pressure effects were observed).

Saffrons primarily chemicals responsible for giving its color  known as crocin was tested in rats and demonstrated properties of aphrodisiac. Researchers agree that Alkyl Nitrites is known in promoting and enhancing sexual response. Stimulants affecting dopamine system like cocaine and amphetamines (e.g. methamphetamine, aka crystal meth) are associated with hyperarousal and hypersexuality and long-term used may impair sexual functioning. Viagra and Levitra, are not considered aphrodisiacs because they do not have any direct effect on the libido, although increased ability to attain an erection may be interpreted as increased sexual arousal by users of these drugs.

Other studies conducted by Chicago Smell and Taste treatment and Research Foundation shows that using cucumbers found out that women were aroused by the smell of it. But most importantly if you want to optimize your own sexual responsiveness for a better sexual function, always have a balanced diet. High cholesterol level can decrease sensitivity in the genitalia, pleasure drugs (e.g Alcohol, nicotine, coffee, and marijuana) reduce sexual vitality, while prescriptions like (e.g tranquilizers, anti-hypertensive drugs, particular beta-blockers, and hormones) and recreation drugs can decrease sexual desire.

It is quite overwhelming actually that many folks feel that they will be benefited from aphrodisiac.It is really an odd thing and so irrational but people have reasons. So, it sit well on their minds. The role of reason when it comes to this folks conclusion can not refute because they state that they based it with their own experience.

No one knows and no one can be certain that aphrodisiac really works because from scientific standpoint it is all a mere belief of the users and has no scientific evidence or whatsoever. Needless to say, The fulfillment of sex drive is really complicated, but If this were true and can change people course of their withering sex life by keeping the fire burning, I think we should just leave it to their own choice.