Shopaholic Need a Dose of Deprivation

Did you notice that you are running out of room to store your abundant stuff that you fetishtically bought? Do you keep your shopping as a sheepish secret, while you ran up huge bills leaving yourself and your family drowning in debt? Did you ever feel that shopping is like a release and you can’t stop using your hard-earned money buying unnecessary things? Then if your answers to this are yes, then you are having a shopping addiction but if you do not see yourself that way while other people around you notice, perhaps you are missing to see those important indicators.

This is a no laughing matter, the behavior of this overwhelming compulsive buyers sometimes becomes too excessive and in extreme cases, the downside of this kind of disorder will cause them to engage in prostitution just to support their addiction. When you see that you are splurging into something ridiculous your mind must start to think that you are getting out of control with your shopping. I think the turning point would be when you finally admit to yourself that you are overspending, truth must be told and be accepted. If you try to conceal it to others, the more it can cause you damage, because this obsession can ruin even your relationship. So, It might be a better idea if your route will start to change, you should occasionally give yourself a dose of deprivation, and there are also a lot of self-help book that you can read.

Shopping must not the only thing in this world to give you a kick, there are over hundreds of activities you can choose from to make yourself busy. Whenever you go to shopping malls, avoid using your credit cards because it tempts you to get all the things you want and pay it later. besides, using credit card will not give you the estimate of how much you are overspending. Avoid carrying too much money and when you buy stuff make sure that you will only get things that you need. Make a list before going to the mall. Stick to your limit, never overspend. Think how many money you’ve wasted when you return home by counting all the unnecessary things that you put in your shopping bag and lastly consult a therapist so that you will be treated.