Chasing American Dream, Is it worth it?

Numerous people hope for change, and they see that America is one country that can help them realize their dream and be established. Most immigrants flocks to US risking, Some insanely attempt to cross the border in pursuit of material prosperity and financial gain. It is no surprise that they see America will seemingly open door to their avenues of change. They believe that in United states men are held equal and they can have what they desire in a short span of time. United states is the land of opportunity and this opportunity includes better education and career. but most of them when they reach America said that they have to double their effort to ensure their survival in this land of milk and honey. Critics of the American dream grows weary and mistrustful of this term, they point out that American dream is not attainable at all. Yet we can not remove it to another man who look forward for that dream.

For most people who believe in American dream, materialism is the common ground that set them out to step on the land of Milk and Honey, They do not care whether they would fail. For them its worth a try. I suggest that don’t hope too much. Obviously, there are always good and bad effects in every decision that you will pursue. We can never prevent things like discrimination of race, religion, gender and national origin, and if your idealistic vision of America apparently failed you, don’t blame anyone and don’t let your hope of a better life die down in that new ground.

Arguably speaking American dream depend on our own definition of what is our dream. We can never achieve that American dream to the fullest because people have no contentment we will always strive and yearn for more. American dream certainly will not come close to the dream you want to realize. As a matter of fact, reality remains the same. You just need to see that achieving this is not by a matter of chance it is but by hard work. The road that leads to success is not far-fetched as one might think. The ingredients of success consist of hard work, frugality, patience and contentment. I once heard a man said don’t search for a gold in another land for you are stepping on it.

In this respect, America is really a great land to live, unhampered by too much barriers, If you will just put your effort to attain your goals. but If you are not in America and you are dreaming to step on this land , do not risk to become penniless just to essentially be there. Rethink and accept responsibly your situation and make the most out of it.