Sperm Donor:Who is my Father?

Science and Technology take its big leap dramatically helping and improving our lives. The things we haven’t thought of in the past could be in our grasp with, Science giving us larger possibilities to live with ease through its continuous advancement. One of its benefits is the discovery which helps the Infertile couples, single or lesbian women’s who wants to conceive. Science gives them now a wide range of alternative and/or option to achieved pregnancy and have an offspring by artificial insemination. Some religious view this as unethical procedure, some see it as a sin while some see that there is nothing wrong with this method because this issues have no clear biblical instruction, so personal discretion can be applied. If we go deeper into this matter it has a very serious dynamics ranging from ethical aspect, moral aspect, and biological repercussions, but it is not the issue at hand, what is important here is, if the couples desire to beget a child whether by artificial or by sexual intercourse they need to take the full responsibility in raising their child because they are accountable with their decision.

The sperm donor is the biological father of every child that he will produce using his sperm. If the process is done repeatedly to impregnate women their will be a vast number of siblings and half-siblings which some publication refer to as “fathering”. The donor maybe anonymous or non-anonymous. However anonymity can be trace nowadays due to internet and DNA. Sperm donation donated is known as donated sperm, He can donate his sperm directly at the clinic or sperm banks or he could use a third-party which is known as sperm agency.

The controversy also centers through its process when the donor enter a private room or cabin known as men’s production room (UK) and masturbatorium(USA) facilities contains pornographic materials such as videos, magazines and or photographs that will help the donor become stimulated.Those pornographic materials helps to facilitate production of ejaculate also known as sample semen. The sample was then process which include ‘washing’ so that the sperm may be extracted from the rest of the material, in the semen an extender is then added which will assist in the freezing process. Then it will be process inside, between 6-12 vials depending on the quantity of the ejaculate. It will then be quarantine, the samples will be thawed and will be inserted to impregnate women.

It brought up some biological concerns too. So, before the donor donate his sperm, he must passed certain requirements or screening that includes medical history of his parents, children, siblings, grandparents etc, up to the three to fourth generation. HIV test, if the patient use drugs before, blood and urine test, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, Gonorrhea, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, while some sperm bank also see their potential donors based on height and baldness.

I believe even if how many times you push the button when it comes to trying to get what we want, if it is not best for us it will never happen. Pray hard beforehand because either way we go we must always seek God’s will.

In sum, You must weather all the implications that circles this controversial process. Review specific points before deciding and choose what is the best course of action and make the best out of the situation.