MISSING YOU: Out of Reach

Whenever there are similar instances that come up in our life, while we’re apart with the person who are significant to us. The memories you shared together will resurface whether it is good times or bad times that you shared together, The tendency is that we take a moment to remember the person who is with us during the occurrence of that event. The person’s memory will just get to you, and will continue to linger. Yet, no matter how happy or accomplished your life might be there will always come a time that longing and missing of that person will have a glimpse in your life.

All of us experience to miss someone at one point and we are aware of it but other people tried to dismiss that thought or they wouldn’t want to give emphasis on that emotion. Most people feel like they are stuck with that sickening feeling like they are incomplete, empty or lost without that particular person in their life. They have that innate desire that they want to hear from the other end. They felt like they want to cry and they can’t breathe, they also want to shout the person’s name so that person can hear them, although they know that it is impossible to be heard. Well, You are not crazy, you are perfectly normal and you are not alone. So, there is nothing to fear it is just a normal mindset that when we are separated from people who practically touch our lives, we begin to feel that emotion.

Whenever I miss someone I felt like I’m chasing something that I can never catch. They all seem out of reach. But I miss them loads and when they are away from a long period of time I started to worry if they are still doing fine. Most of the time, I felt like I do miss people but my feeling of missing them weren’t reciprocated. It’s a little disappointing because I expected more from them. I didn’t expect that they’ll shed a tear for me or think of me often, but what I want is a simple hi, or hello.. Telling me that they are still alive like “Hey friend, I’m okay or Hey you, I hate you I’m still kicking..” I hope you get the general idea of what I’m saying here, although I use reverse psychology in my statement. Enough of my own story. I guess it doesn’t much matter.

Going back to what I’m discussing, There are ways that you can ease that feeling of missing someone, I think by reliving them in your memories is one of the best way to compensate what you are feeling, looking at their pictures or listening to the music that both of you enjoy also helps. But if you feel like missing someone seems to bother both of you and create emotional devastation, Then you have to get out from that things that is giving you a problem in the first place and start to close the door behind you. You can do that by simply starting to reject everything about that person. Do not go to places you used to go, take off the pictures of your wall, engage yourself in a more physical activities this way you can gradually forget.

Always bear in mind, being missed, wanted or needed by other person doesn’t mean they want you to make up for what they don’t have. The truth is they miss you because you have played a very special part in their life.