Does Religion Matter?

I would like to emphasize that believing in God is not a domain for fools and ignorant, that is the chief insult hurled by Atheist. It is a very cheap shot. After so many debates and/or arguments regarding religion, It came up to my mind to start jotting down some of the most important contribution of religion in our life. I will try to speak in behalf of the majority of people who believe in God and have experience God’s love in their life. Most of you will challenge my idea here, and will distort the truth while accusing me that I’m mistaken, but then again I am entitled to my own opinion. Whatever evidence one might raise on this matter that will bring a lot of argument, will not make my statement incorrect because we all have multiple interpretation whether God exist or not. It is hard to prove nor to disprove his existence. Now, It is true that we are experiencing grave social problems but we have no right to point our fingers to God. It is solely our discretion, because God give us our free will to choose.

Religion helps us for a number of reasons, first ample evidence is that religion act like our security blanket it helps us feel secure in this uncertain world. Religion also help us by strengthening our relationship with our family and friends, studies shows that people who are practicing their religion is less likely to get divorce. When the couple regularly goes to church their marital bond is strengthened. Another thing is, religious belief forms our values and it generally aids people against social ills such as suicide, drug abuse, crime, divorce, alcoholism and teen pregnancy. I wouldn’t say people avoid this things due to fear of hell, but the most common reason is that they want to please God. Although we can’t really avoid that there are some who really do good things because of fear of hell which in my own standpoint is wrong. Moreover, Religion is also beneficial for our health. People who have faith in God have less issue of depression, It becomes the source of their recovery or means for coping hardship especially for those people who are struggling with problems. Religion also helps promote our well-being, It helps us to become physically and mentally healthy.

A systematic review on the field states that 81 percent of the studies showed that religion has a positive effect, 15 percent showed neutral and only 5 percent showed harm. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of religion downplays the positive effects and contribution of religion in our lives. Because more and more people are polluting the minds of other people about their claims regarding their misinterpretation of religion. Thus a lot of people turn away from their faith and started blaming religion while ignoring its positive effect.

Furthermore there are many religion that causes harm. Religion with a leader that needs psychiatric care, they have enormous abusive power for instance those who teach their followers to become violent or those who believe that they are God and/or he or she believes that he or she has considerable power to heal. This psychological trouble brewing in this leaders head are very harmful.

In conclusion, the welfare and betterment of other people is important, If religion makes them a better person then we need to respect their practices. If we are absolutely clueless and we have no previous knowledge about what religion did to them, then be understanding.