Amblyopia is referred to as Lazy eye. It affects about 3 to 5 percent of the population around the world.This is known as a pathological condition when the eye and the brain doesn’t work together properly. It can lead to a common visual impairment in childhood and It is the primary cause of monocular blindness in adult. Most of us will not notice people with Amblyopia because their eye looks normal, but it is not functioning properly. Normally Amblyopia only affects one eye and it is not correctable by glasses or contact lenses. Adults may not be as fortunate as the children that if you detect the problem in the early stage, their vision might be corrected or be treated and will have the best outcome. It is really troubling that it can cause loss of vision and depth of perception. Amblyopes may suffer from poor spatial acuity, low sensibility to contrast and higher level deficit to vision. Which makes them not see exactly the way they should. The common causes of amblyopia are strabismus or imbalance positioning of the two eyes, anisometropia or different vision, myopia or nearsightedness in one eye, hyperopia or farsightedness in one eye, case of astigmatism, presence of cataract, lid droop, blockage of eye due to trauma or any condition that can deviate the eyes from normal functioning. Studies shown that patching or using pirate patch can help the children in correcting their amblyopia. A daily dose of video games or computer games, even the use of basic computer or desktop combine with visual training or while patching the good eye can help save the other eye. Recent report says that a 6 years-old boy Ben Micheals who is suffering from a severe lazy eye syndrome almost permanently lose his sight, because his condition had gone untreated. He was then bought to Ken Nischal, a consultant at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, Who told Ben to play video games everyday and put a patch over his good eye. After playing Mario Kart on Nintendo DS for 2 hours his vision had improved 250 percent. Ben’s parents were very pleased with the result. Nischal said the repetitive movement of the eye which is involve in playing video games can train the eye to be focus. But there is a few side-effects to this, So better have an eye specialist for your vision therapy because they need to monitor your condition, We are avoiding the possibility that your good eye with a patch becomes the lazy eye if you cover it for a long period of time. In cases of adult, this treatment does not work but there is still hope because several studies are being conducted for this people with Amblyopia. They tout the use of neurochemicals to induce a repeat of critical development period. In early childhood cells within the brain, release the neurotransmitter the GABA . Researchers are testing it to mice using Valium and Prozac to trigger the developmental stage needed within the visual cortex. A Harvard Medical school Researcher, Takao Hensch, states that other ailments may be benefited from this discoveries. Diseases such as epilepsy, autism and schizophrenia. In conclusion, Many children are undiagnosed because far too many parents fail to take their children to comprehensive vision examination at early life. Thus when the problem is detected the person is old and his case can not be treated or corrected anymore. Better start early before it is too late, Save the eye of your children.