Psychopath: Criminal Mind

Psychopaths is defined as a personality disorder lacking of empathy, conscience and shame. Psychopaths have an ability to pretend or act normal. They try to fit in the society trying to cover up their real personality. Robert Hare writes that psychopaths use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, sexual intercourse and violence. This cold-blooded individuals are capable of doing all types of heinous crimes such as serial killing, raping, stealing, murder without remorse and they will never think of the consequences if they are caught or injured.

This people had no sense of what is right and wrong.They can blend without being notice.They can be in a corporate environment, sports or they could be an underhanded politician.They seemed to live a normal and have striking impression but there is something seriously wrong with them.

We are wondering what motivates this people to commit such an offense and what makes them psychopaths. It may not just stem from a neurological disorder which is present from birth but they can also originate from childhood situations.

In 2002 study conducted by David koson and Yana Suchy ,et al. They found out that psychopaths had a significant lower rate of accuracy in recognizing disgusted facial effect but higher rate in recognizing anger.They also found out that the involvement of left-hemispheric mechanism (i.e sadness) They had more difficulty identifying emotions.While study conducted by Blaire,et al. (1977) didn’t replicate it. The study shows that psychopaths have less sensitive cues to non-verbal cues of fear or distress. In the experiment conducted in year 2002 by Blair,Mithell, et al. They test the psychopaths using vocal intonation. Psychopaths make errors recognizing fearful and sad vocals. Nowadays, psychopaths undergo talk therapy.there is still no cure, treatment or medication that can instill empathy for their twisted brains.

Media famed psychopath includes Ted Bundy and Saddam Hussein, both were a product of broken home and were beaten by their fathers. Ted Bundy was the greatest serial killer to date. He attended University. He held a Republican party where he lived. Had a wife and very sociable. Due to his insecurities he would approached his innocent victims in a different ways to get sympathy once he did he would kidnap and brutally murder this girls. After he had killed 20 times he was caught. He escaped once and finally convicted and got sentence to death.

It makes you feel uncomfortable knowing all this because you don’t know exactly who are you dealing with in your daily life.There are psychopaths who escape the long arms of the law and they will never present themselves for treatment or for study. A lot of films made an attempt to picture what goes in the mind of psychopaths. Undoubtedly the psychopaths possess a very notable characteristics that are harmful to the society. They are sexually promiscuous, manipulating, violent, dominating wherein they will lower the position of other people to assert dominance.