Parents nowadays are allowing their teens to work so that they will have money to spend for their own use. Parents are teaching their teens the importance of money. they want their kids to value it. Teenagers about 12-14 head out to look for summer jobs. Summer jobs that you can usually see teens applying are babysitting, doing household chores, working in malls, restaurant or resort. Teens may also took odd jobs like mowing the lawns, gardening or walking the dog. While some teens avail online jobs rather than going out. Online jobs like pay-per click or answering surveys. Some parents allowed their children to do online jobs compare to working outside the country or far from their eyesight. We can not blame this parents. Their fear roots from the rampant sexual harassment in the workplace. More and more teens were becoming a victim of harassment day after day. because a bigger percentage of teens are immature and ignorant about their rights. Many teens would not say outright if they had been sexually harassed because of embarrassment. harassment is epidemic in workplace where young people work. Employment Opportunity Commission (EOC) sexual harassment charges are about 107 as of may 2010 compare with 237 charges against kids 19 and younger. Big Companies like  Burger King, Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Ruby Tuesday were hit by lawsuit. Last March Burger king paid 85,000 to settle teen sexual harassment suit with EOC. Sexual harassment is unwelcoming sexual advances such as touching, constant hugging, talking or requesting of sexual favor. This can be prevented if your teens know their rights. Mostly the person who holds a higher position in the company would initiate such things. If your teens agree to have sex with the adult manager it is considered statutory rape, knowing that your teen is underage. Therefore any act of flirting with the boss and even if an actual-intercourse didn’t take place or occur as long as the teen claim there is, The court may find the adult at fault.