Father’s day: A Personal Sharing…

I have a hard time convincing myself before I made up my mind to share you something about the man who I really really love. It is also impossible to write down all the thoughts that would come up to my mind because there are a lot of adjective that I can use to describe my dad.

I’m a very private person, I tried to keep away my personal life from internet things, except my opinions regarding everything I’ve discussed here, Now I guess it will be a little hard to open up something about myself but I will try to write the first idea that comes to my mind.

I’m blest to have a father who is down-to earth, loving, great provider, my guardian angel, my protector, my motivator, my guide and inspiration. I would say that I have a habit of consulting everything to my dad since childhood, It may be shameful for someone at my age because basically when people turn 18 they usually decide by themselves. Contrary in my case, my thoughts and ideas were influence by my dad.

My dad is always there in every facet of my life. He sincerely watch my step as I grew up. He wants me to be the way he wanted, and I hope I didn’t fail him or bring any shame to him. for some reason, I never want to disobey my dad nor my mom.I can not consider him as a strict disciplinarian for he never lay his finger on me. If he didn’t like what I did he would silently gazed at me without words. If I still refuse or hesitate to follow him, he would talked to me in private. He is a very good man. He doesn’t believe in spanking a child to prevent the recurrence of an offense. Instead he believes that “if an animal such as tiger can be tamed what more a person who is more intelligent than those animals”.

My dad is a great provider providing tangible resources such as food, money shelter, material possession, but providing material things is not all there is. He gives us time and priority. I always look forward to sit beside him and listen to his stories. It was very interesting and I have so much to learn from him.

More importantly my dad thought me the acceptable behavior which is to distinguished right from wrong. He mold and instill us with good moral and family values. I would say that my life was influence by my dad in many ways.

Of course there will be times that you will disagree with each other but I know that he wants only the best for me and my siblings. I never feared my dad, I guess the term would be I respected him so much. I felt at ease in his presence.

We are so lucky to have our father because there are a growing number of  children who are experiencing absence of  father figure in their life.The families headed by single moms continues to grow nowadays, while some families have deceased fathers. Therefore, we should give thanks to God that our father is still around.

Today is Father’s Day there are thousands of words you can say to him, but the most important word that they want to hear is “I LOVE YOU DAD”