GUILTY PLEASURE: Who can resist?

When we say guilty pleasure it is something that you enjoy or you considered pleasurable despite the guilty feeling. It can also mean an embarrassing taste that embodies guilt that other people might discover or find out about your low brow. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some people’s guilty pleasure involves singing in the bathroom, video games, board games, movies, books, fashion and unhealthy food especially high in sugar or fat.

Guilty pleasure varies among every age group. But the most common source of pleasure are from sugary foods.The availability of sweets and treats makes people of all ages indulge into this. Middle aged men enjoys Classic music. Teenagers and oldies alike enjoy greasy stand-food or street food such as nachos, pretzels, hot dogs. while others guilty pleasure drive them to overspend. They like expensive accessories or they can not stop collecting things that of no value to them and cost too much.

Some guilty pleasures escalate and develop into too much guilt. We need to start to worry if it causes adverse effect such as sleepless nights, irrational beliefs, losing your sense of responsibility, losing self-control or you can not stop once you started and you are starting to become manipulative towards other because of your desire to do things that give you pleasure. Some guilty pleasure are harmful and must be abandon. Once we learn about the negative effects that it can cause us, We need to bring ourselves to pass them up. Things like cigarettes, too much consumption of chocolates, salty foods and alcoholic beverages. This is just to name a few.

When your guilty pleasure stops you from becoming a productive person. You can start analyzing where all your guilty pleasure rooted, Accept or affirm that you really have guilty pleasure, then carefully plan how to avoid it. You can start journalizing activities that can make you busy or do other things instead of your guilty pleasure. You need to follow strictly your journal and do those things to counter the harmful effects. take my advice so that you can easily get away from it.