Coins in The fountain

I’m distinctly watching everyone as they approached the fountain. Their faces exhibit hopes as they tossed the coin up in the air and said unhesitatingly their wishes. Everyone has a penny in their hands to drop in the wishing wells and fountains, They were so contented as they walk away after they drop their pennies. Believing that light of hope will peep in and would ease their weary hearts. Some come back to give full thanks, but what happens to the others who didn’t return? Are they still waiting patiently for their wishes to come true, or they finally give up their wishes?

There is actually nothing wrong  with wishing on this fountains, who knows it might bring their wishes comes to life. Curiously you will ask where does it all begin. It all started from the wishing well. The wishing well comes from the European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that all spoken wish would be granted.

People started dropping pennies/coin after uttering their wishes. They believe that the dweller or guardian will grant their wishes if they paid a price. they also believe that their wish will be granted based upon how the coin will land at the bottom of the well.

For Celtic and Germanic peoples they considered springs and wells as sacred places, You will see some place were marked with wooden statues associated with the god in the pool. Germanic peoples is said to throw the weapon and armors of their enemies that they defeated as an offering to their Gods.

Ancient mythology perhaps contributed to peoples belief, we all heard of the Mimirs Well from Nordic myths, This is known as “Well of Wisdom” It is said that they can have an infinite wisdom if they will sacrifice something dear, So Odin was asked to sacrifice his right eye so that he can see the future and understand things, Odin then threw it into the well.  Mímir is the Nordic god of wisdom, and his well sits at the roots of  Yggdrasil,the World Tree which draws its water from the well.

Water is essential in our life and it was seen to have healing powers, people also believe that waters is being house by deities or god put them there as a gift. Making wells popular to be used for drinking, bathing or wishing over it. Wells significantly gives way to the tradition of dropping pennies to ponds and fountains.

Before coins are made of copper or silver and had biocidal properties which kept the water from going sour bacteria produces various acidic compounds which affect the taste, notably (hydrogen sulfide). Nowadays people can drop their coin made out of variety of metals such as nickel, copper, manganese or zinc. Imagine that there are about 3 million pounds per year being thrown into the wishing well by tourist. It is reported by fountain Money Fountain in November 2006.

I remember that every time I have to drop a penny in the fountain, I paused and I seem to wonder if my wishes will come true. I  think I have drop a penny, perhaps twice or thrice in my life. But I walk doubtful every time, maybe it wasn’t easy for me to believe unless it comes true. My impulse tells me that we can never tell the so-called mysteries of life. What obstacles lie beyond is for us to discover and learn. Although it is good to see faces glittered with joy and come with good courage and faith while wishing,  but like I said we make our own destiny and we don’t have to depend on it. We have much to be grateful everyday.

Concerning to those who believe and are still holding their breath that their wishes will still come true, I wish that you achieve your wishes and not end in tragedy.