Atheist and Christians must agree on…

Both are asserting that what they believe are warranted by facts and evidences.

Atheist are asserting that there is no existence of a supreme entity, and believe that they hold the evidence. but we can not deny the fact that Christians clearly perceive that there is a supreme being because of their own evidence. We can not assume all the time that we are in a right position, what if your belief  and assumptions are wrong?. It may sound a bit harsh, but the general idea here is not to argue with each other. It is precisely because we don’t know who among us could be right.

Pointing Fingers while compiling the list of bad people and number of victims…

Atheist would claim that Stalin was born as a Catholic, but there is a report that states, that while Stalin studied at seminary he became a closest atheist while some says that Stalin changes his atheistic rejection of religion before he died.Supposedly he was a Christian but he can not be considered as one because he turn away from Christianity and his act was condemned by Atheist.Let us not be partial, Listing bad atheist and bad religious people will not do as good because there are a lot of them on both sides.

Both have good people.

We can’t deny the fact that there can be a good person that embodies a non-religious or religious group. It is surprising that sometimes the one we can run to during the lowest point in our life is the complete opposite of our faith or belief. It states that we have a variety of people who range from good to bad, so you might be caught up with the bad ones but of course there are good ones too. We need to stop the irrational idea that all people are bad or good in that area. Sometimes the good or bad is subjective to our own criterion or judgment.

We have intellectual people on both sides.

This is to be taken seriously, The atheist claim that they are the intelligent people, how so? by a studies done by a limited people. They need to provide strong evidence that doesn’t show one-sidedness. We know that Charles Darwin have an average IQ of 150 while Martin Luther got 170. Martin Luther was a German priest and professor of Theology. Like what President Obama said “One of the great strengths of the United States is … we have a very large Christian population — we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.” yet we can not challenge that America with the most numbered of religious people have so many contributions in history. Medical breakthroughs and technological breakthroughs come from this country.Therefore assessing intelligence still remain to be a controversial topic, particularly with the widely used “intelligence quotient” or IQ tests.

When they share their ideas they are both close-minded.

They willingly judge each other without even trying to listen what the other would say. The other find it unlikely faulty and they will always try to find contradictory means to prove their own stance. If you will analyze, this does not play a part in a day-to-day life, so what is the reason why we need to change the belief of other people, since you know there is nothing you can say that will make him/her change his/her mind? why can’t we be neutral and try to listen to what they will say. It doesn’t mean that we are changing our faith or belief if we listen to them.

When they talk to each other it is more likely to result in heated argument.

We need not to force to other people what we see is right, because what is right for you maybe not right for him,We have different ideas and we don’t need to reject other people’s idea There is always room for discussion because we can not avoid to disagree with each other on certain matter but it doesn’t mean that you will not see the position of its other. Sometimes anger sets in and outweighs the reason and neutrality.

There are both morally upright on both sides.

There is a funny thing that cross my mind. A group of atheist making fun of Christians and the puritans. They said “sex is natural, we are mammals” but once their partner cheat on them, Do they still see sex is sex and that they need it because they are mammals? Or suddenly their views change and see sex as sacred. We should make both sides follow their conscience to personally make their moral decision. Our conscience is liable for all the choices that we are doing. So we need not to based our conscience to what we think is right, but we need to carefully form or examine our decision or choices based with responsibility. Because everything we do, we are accountable for it.

Both sides experience prejudice.

If you are religious and you happen to have a non-religious friend with a circle of non-religious friends. You will feel that there is unequal treatment, They are more supportive to their non-religious friend, for a fact that they both agree with each other so they find sheer enjoyment with the company of that friend, likewise goes with the religious. I would say, that we need to remove that attitude, stop prejudicing other people. although we express doubt with what they believe but it shouldn’t go farther . We need to accept them. We do not need to be driven off  by criticism, seeing that we are superior over the other or too much love for our faith or belief.

Both holds belief or faith that irritates or annoy each other.

Atheist deny the heathen God. They often tell the believers that God doesn’t exist , therefore heaven and all the things related to him doesn’t exist. Frankly, Christians would refuse to believe that God doesn’t exist. Sadly enough , both see that what they believe is fact. We have to figure out means that you will not annoy each other. We need not compromise our human relation with our belief.

Both sides want peace.

We know that there are militant atheist nowadays. If they want peace why not attempt to change Christian in a constructive way and not using character assassination or other destructive means. However there are also atheist who are not doing that. Religion generates a citizen to be good. Knowing this, I hope you will agree with me that peace is really hard to come by so if we want peace we need to open our hearts and be compassionate.