Finland Promise Land of Metal Part II

Finnish Metal grab my interest because they have certain appeal that even  sometimes I do not understand the lyrics they can keep me listening. There are really a lot of good bands in Finland, but it is really hard to get an interview because of their busy schedule touring. I’m fortunate enough to catch the guitarist of Solacide who is taking time out touring with Waltari. I’m thankful that he grant me an interview. So without further ado I will reveal you the thought of this band guitarist/vocalist. Read on


Current Line-Up

(Lead Vocals) Gökhan Korkmaz
(Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards) Kimmo Korhonen
(Guitar) Joonas Vanhalakka
(Bass) Sami Tikkanen
(Drums) Matti Jauhola

Dove KickingerAny story behind the name of your band?

Kimmo Korhonen– Solacide basically means death of solace. I thought what would describe the feeling that I sometimes get when I write our music, and also when I listen to it. The feeling when you lose all hope. In the end you´re alone in this world, and when you realize it, it may be a bit crushing experience. But after those reactions you can find more strength and self-confidence.

Dove Kickinger How did you get started with the music industry? Were your parents supportive when you enter the music scene?
Kimmo Korhonen– Supportive… Yes and no. Forceful, yes. My parents forced me to study music&play classical piano when I was a kid, and I was against it cause when you´re a kid you´re not usually very interested of music, at least classical. But after few years, when I started to listen music, all the studying started to be quite useful, and finally I got interested of playing guitar when I was about 12. I got my first guitar as a christmas present in 1995, and soon after that I started to play in bands. Because of studying music I already knew all the basic theory, I just had to learn to play. And I practised a lot. But I feel I´m still learning, after over 14 years of playing.
Dove KickingerWell you have a lot of bands, Is there any favorite?

Kimmo Korhonen– I play in Solacide , Helion, Maiden Hell, Waltari. Solacide is the band we started with our drummer when we were 13 years old, so that band is always closest to my heart. I also like Waltari a lot, cause I was a fan of their music, so it´s always great to play with them. Helion is on a break now, which is very sad cause the band has so much potential. But it wasn´t my choise, I think the guys are thinking do they want to continue or quit. And then there´s Maiden Hell, Iron Maiden-tribute band, and it´s fun to go play Maiden once in a while with good friends. So every band is important in their own way, but this point I´m concentrating mostly to Solacide and Waltari.
Dove KickingerWho write your songs and what inspired your lyrics?

Kimmo Korhonen– In Solacide I write all music and lyrics. In the lyrics I handled the less enjoyable sides of life, less enjoyable sides of relationships and life situations. I didn´t write them totally in a negative way, the idea was, that if something/someone causes problems in your life, get rid off it. By any means necessary. Writing lyrics are like therapy, I usually write what´s on my mind. I think it´s readable between the lines.
Dove KickingerWhat is your favorite album so far? And any stories behind it?

Kimmo Korhonen– I think the last release “Baptized In Disgust” is my favorite one by now. I think the songs were the strongest that we´ve recorded. And also the lyrics were the best that I´ve done, they were quite personal so that makes songs also very important to me. Only bad thing was that we recorded it in such hurry, we didn´t feel ourselves comfortable in the studio. And I wish we could have more time to mix it, but even though it was made in a rush, we got good sounds to it.
Dove KickingerAny upcoming tour after your gig in Russia?

Kimmo Korhonen– With Solacide we´re planning some gigs for summer in Finland, but booking is mainly concentrating to the next fall, cause clubs etc places are starting to be packed for the summer. I had tours&gigs with other bands, and the other guys in the band have their own things of course, so we can´t do gigs whenever we want. Especially in Finland, if you want to have any audience, the only good days to play live is Friday and Saturday, unfortunately.
Dove Kickinger I remember you showed me once your beautiful sister’s photo, would you like her to be in a music scene if she wanted to follow your footstep?

Kimmo Korhonen– Heh, my sister loves animals more than music I think, and she´s studying now as a horse agrologist, so I doubt she would join music business. But of course if she would be interested about some side of this business/scene, I´d help her. My oldest sister is actually a professional singer, has been more than 10 years.

Dove KickingerWhat are your plans for your band? What do you want to accomplish as a performer?

Kimmo Korhonen– Our plan is to record a full-length album on next fall, I´m now writing the new songs, I´ve already finished few ones. After recording we´re trying to get a proper record deal, which is really hard nowadays, the record labels are overbooked and there´s too many not-so-good bands. As performer personally, I want to continue playing live as much as possible, and get my bands more well-known. Basically, when I can make my living by playing I´m happy. And also I want to improve myself as guitarist&performer, I´m still sometimes a bit shy onstage, it´s hard to get rid off it.
Dove KickingerWell I remember we have a talk about your religious views, I want to know if It affects your musical prowess in some ways?

Kimmo Korhonen– I don´t think my views of life or so-called religious views affect my music, but lyrics deal a lot about religion. I´ve lived around religious people, seen how people use religion, I´ve basically seen and heard enough about religion and how people think they´re faith is the only right one. I think everybody´s equally right or wrong, no one can say it for sure. If someone wants to believe in some organized religion, be my guest, but that´s not for me. I like to question a lot of things in life, that´s one of the reasons I won´t support religions. And to me religion is a too easy shortcut to explain things in the world.
Dove KickingerDo you enjoy touring or you find it tedious? Anything you want to promote or say to our readers. Thank you once again for taking time off for this interview.

Kimmo Korhonen-I love playing live, I would do it much more than I´m doing now, if it would be possible. Luckily there has been more and more gigs every year, so hopefully next year is even better than this one. Thanks for the interview and to everybody who read it, and go to and