Sack Tapping A Fatal Game

Studying Self defense taught us about the striking point. The effectiveness of striking, death/fatal blow is known for century. It is evident that you can beat your opponent and win every encounter. If the blows are struck at a deadly point it can cause our opponent death, but if we give a lighter blow it will just cause our opponent insensibility or it can paralyze him for a moment. This can only be used during a life and death situations and not for joking, playing or bullying. The groin or testicular/vaginal area is very sensitive. It can cause extreme pain not just physically and emotionally but it can cause a lifelong impact to the victim.

Sack tapping or ball tapping is a game that is practiced by boys. They are punching, slapping or flicking the groin/testicular. This fad is really disturbing because it is currently a growing trend at school. Students suffered ruptured testicle after being punched.

Dr. Charles Raison, an associate professor of psychiatry at Emory University in Atlanta, says the game might have a lot to do with asserting dominance. The children can show that they are tougher than the other, so they are engaging in this kind of game, For them it becomes a  measure of toughness. They show it in youtube with the intent that other people might view it and engage in the same game. It is out of line senseless, cruel and so pathetic.

Last May 30,2010 a 14-year old boy David Gibbons of  Crosby, Minn. lost his right testicle due to sack tapping, his school mate punched his crotch and after that he complains of  intense pain so he was brought to a surgeon. Urologist Dr. Scott Wheeler told, a Minneapolis TV station.”It’s just gotten way out of control,”

I discuss previously about choking game which is fatal like this, I hope that parents, teachers, elders can keep an eye with their children, aware them that this is not a game it can cause harm, I feel that all parents should be educate so that they can educate their children as well about the harm it can cause them. Do not be satisfied with ignorance get inform.