Temptation: Go Away,You Devil!

There is a mystery why a negative act might look appealing to our imagination. It would strike you naturally. You hesitate but at the end you are too weak to overcome it. Then sooner or later you regret that you committed such an act. Temptation nowadays is a non religious connotation. but this term rooted from the Judaism and Old Testament. This started with the story of Adam and eve and their original sin. The action done commonly result to guilt whether social, legal, psychological, economic or health.

When we are bothered by temptation we do not likely consider what is at stake. Although there may be risk if you follow the dictates of your mind or go along with temptation. Still you feel so eager to do it and no reason can stop you. Refusing and resisting doesn’t help sometimes because at the end you finally realize you been tempted.

Different age group faces different kinds of temptation. They can also be tempted in various ways. Satan is known in Christianity as the tempter who entice you to fall into sin. We all have areas of vulnerability. Temptation in older people are not always about the sin of flesh. Satan lures people to commit crimes e.g kill and steal or different types of sin.

They say that vacant mind attract most of the rubbish, Therefore temptation come during the time we are idle. But I understand you will say, my mind is way too busy but why temptation still have its spot in my head. Well that is an ugly truth. The Devil or Satan is persistent in making us fall into sin. Everyone go through that. However to be tempted is different from sin. if you are tempted and you prove to be strong then there is no way you will commit sin.

There is no place where you can escape temptation. So how do you begin fighting temptation? That is the difficulty. For me the better way to do it, is by praying and self-control. There is no other condition but to fight the voice within. We know that temptation’s goal is to separate us from God’s love and grace.

If you pray, God will help you. God knows what you can not bear. He is just testing you.It is your fault and you are clearly to be blame if you give into temptation. It is true that God have the situation in hand but it is still our duty to prove him that we love him and we are willing to fight temptation. So let us lay our trust in God and you will notice that temptation just flashed across your mind and you know you did fight it very well.