The Truth About Lunatics

The immensity of this subject brought my attention to write about this. I notice that most of  the people are relating psychotic occurrences or disturbances with the phases of the moon. If there is someone they know that is acting strange, dangerous, foolish or mentally deranged they’ll call them lunatics. This is the common idea of the people. The term lunatic originated from a latin word “lunacus” which stems from the word luna that refers to moon. The condition of lunatic is called lunacy.

To go into further details lunatic have a traditional link to folklore between madness and phases of the moon or lunar cycle. The widespread of this term was contributed by the media and their repetitive ways of associating full moon to deviant human behavior which is unfounded in scientific research. This made an impact to the mind of the society and as a result, people start believing in a myth.

Some studies claimed that  they have confirmatory proof that schizophrenic patients show signs of deterioration, in terms of quality life and mental well-being, during the time of a full moon. Other epileptic and researchers claimed that there were strong positive correlations between physiological changes such as induced seizures in non-epileptic people. One study concluded that a statistically significant correlations for gastrointestinal bleeding among males in particular during this time. However, these findings are based on small-scale research.

In a study published by Epilepsy and Behavior, Sallie Baxendale and Jennifer Fisher of University College London hypothesized that the nocturnal illumination of the moon affect sleeping cycle, thus it induced epileptic seizures. Other than that a 1999 Journal of Affective Disorders article, a hypothesis suggested that earth’s lunar cycle effect bipolar patients.

On the other hand modern-day research repute the theory that lunar affect human behavior. The progression of mood disorder or a change in human behavior is just one or two instances. In a clearer light, There is no crime increase during full moon. Therefore we need to be sufficiently inform and stop associating odd behavior and  bad events to the moon.

The first glimpse of truth is to analyze yourself. Did you in any way become different every time there is a change in the phase of the moon? well if you answer yes with sincerity, hmmph I would say that  my intention was not to make you worry that you are mentally derange or whatever. I’m just trying to see if you see your behavior connected with this. But if not just dismiss it from your mind. Honestly the chances is very little that you will connect your behavior with the moon.