Are Men Really Polygamous?

Are men born polygamous? That is the question most of us are asking. Large scale shows that men are really born polygamous. The man who have more than one wife is called polygyny while women are called polyandry. If a marriage includes multiple husbands and wives, it can be called group marriage.

Before I drop my own idea of  how I see this things. Let me first start by how sociobiology explain polygamy. Sociobiology state that human behavior can be explain by Evolutionary theory while in zoologist it includes a pair bond, perhaps temporary.

I want to save you from trouble thinking. well those explanation of human behavior just centers around the idea that man are genetically looking for the best material in order to have the best child or simply the male species tries to reproduce to as many female possible to ensure their genes are being passed on. So the question here is, does it give man reason to fool around?hmmph fooling around just resides in the subconscious,actually there are still monogamous man.

In thought and perhaps in instinct man are polygamous but when it comes to practice most men are monogamous. Women can also be polygamous, some men might have a personal experience that their wife or cohabiting partner cheat on them, but females don’t have much desire to be polygamous than men. In fact, I have been long convince that relationship is suffering from having a promiscuous partner due to some underlying unresolved issues.

The couples are unhappy and unsatisfied with their relationship. Their relationship started to lose the flame that they have when they started dating. So to speak men and women need to have a happy committed relationship. There are things that you just can’t stand with each other e.g nagging of the women while men feel that they doesn’t get much satisfaction in their physical needs.

To prevent this from happening better discuss your emotional, physical needs and desire so that you can find a solution and fill it all together. Most men roused from admiration when they see attractive women but it doesn’t mean that they are willing to break it off with you. Things could have been different if both of you will just sit down and talk it over. I have also come to believe that personal philosophy and faith has something to do with it, at least it can help both of you stay together because you respect the sanctity of marriage. You do not have to let go of each other, everyone makes mistake at some point in their life. But what is the best thing here is that you are willing to change and be forgiven and of course start anew.

Now it is time for me to unveiled my own opinion. Actually I know many people have liberal notion regarding this and it is widely accepted in some countries and religion. But my view regarding this matter is different. To me it is true that men are polygamous, but wife can help them to have no desire or  have no need for other women. It would be difficult to say that men doesn’t love their wife. Because mostly they do. I dare can say it with much serious consideration to men. They are hiding their flings meaning they love their wife, they do not have the intention of hurting them because they simply love them. Therefore they are hiding what they are doing. To the wife keep the flame always burning, attend to your hubby’s need. Do not nag and most especially serve them, I do not mean that you act like a servant okay. to the hubby’s I suggest that if everything is starting to be a little rocky in your relationship, You should rekindle the flame, always be understanding with your wife. Jealousy and possessiveness is a sign that they love you, mostly if women do not care they will never get jealous. To the other party, Do not be blinded by love, if you haven’t got a physical contact with the guy and/or girl better let it go, if you are in that situation already, better leave them alone. It is immoral and you have to be honest with yourself. Even if It is not that easy and it will take time but you really have to let go and do not disturb the couple. I have very strong grounds for objecting polygamy, because if you continue to be polygamous then the chances of having a kids outside marriage is possible. promiscuous womanizer will affect polygamous children. So I want polygamous marriage and anything that relates to this be abolished. I know I will get contradiction to some of you but I wish you will respect my position in this area.