Doping is a Deadly Game

Performance-enhancing drugs have been around since then.The first cited as drug related death in sports was of a European cyclist in 1886. The mystery surround his death. It is claimed that Welsh cyclist, Arthur Linton died after taking stimulant trimathyl. Typhoid fever was given as the official cause of his death and not the mixture of heroin and cocaine or speedball or any related drugs. Another known athlete Tom HicksMarathon. Hicks was given by his coach a raw egg, injection of strychninedoping occurred in the year 1960, when a Danish cyclist, Knud Enemark Jensen fell from his bicycle and died.They found out that he was in the influence of amphetamine. of the U.S, collapse after winning in the 1904 and doses of brandy. Olympic death linked to

The most widely used performance enhancing drug are called anabolic steroid and amphetamine. Anabolic Steroid are used in medical practices with a strict supervision of doctors or medical professionals.The athletic world discovers its capabilities in muscle-building. It was in mid 1950’s when Steroids were first introduced to the U.S. by the late Dr. John Ziegler. Dr Ziegler being a physician, scientist and an athlete who is a leading weight lifter that time found out about this miracle drug (anabolic steroid) after he went to Vienna Austria. He prescribed this to his weightlifting friends to keep up with the competition. But before he died he mentioned that he wished he never heard of this steroid. Amphetamines are another popular performance enhancing drug.It can give the athlete an enormous energy.

There are several reasons to ban performance-enhancing drugs i.e respect for the rules of sports or fair play, recognition of the athlete natural talents and their perfection and another thing is it creates a public health catastrophe. Anti doping is necessary to prevent not just cheating of athletes but we are preventing them from harming themselves. This is really getting out of hand. The athletes used of performance enhancing drug feel that it worth the risk. According to Jay P. Granat, PhD, psychotherapists and Founder of said “One of my main objections to doping is that it’s dangerous. Doping can cause blood clots, hurt our immune system, and it can create strokes and infections”.

Sports-drug issues is one of the debated issue nowadays. the people may greatly varied with their opinion.However, there are impressive arguments on both sides. The opposing viewpoints see that the performance enhancing drug, steroids should be legalized so that they can monitor the people who are using it.thus, it can prevent the abuse. Another reason is that they want it to cost less. If steroid is legalized the demand on the black market for steroid will end, legalizing steroids would ensure a safer product. the physicians would be able to tell the amount that a person should take. Finally if it is legalize there will be an effective studies of steroids.

with the increase rate of people dying and using this the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA are preventing the drug abuse in sports.In 1990, the U.S. Congress introduced the Anabolic Steroids Control Act, making the trafficking of steroids a felony instead of a simple misdemeanor offense.This was followed in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee establishing the independent World Anti-Doping AgencyWADA) to handle testing of athletes around the world. (

In conclusion, surely steroid will improve ones performance, but this substance will not give you edge over your competitors. Because many ignorant people do not know the side effect of this substance. legalizing this is a mistake, it is like you are opening a floodgate that would make the younger people imitate what is wrong. I believe they should just used alternative methods, to keep up with their competitors. They can do workout to help strengthened themselves.